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Producer Survey: 80% Say The Checkoff Drives Demand for Beef

Survey says! The majority of beef producers are in favor of the Beef Checkoff program and have consistently supported it over time. In fact, according to a recent independent study, 80 percent say the checkoff drives demand for beef.

For more than 25 years, the checkoff has commissioned a third-party research firm to conduct an annual survey of beef and dairy producers nationwide to determine their awareness of the Beef Checkoff, as well as their sentiment and concerns about the program.

This year’s key survey findings include:

  • 80 percent say the Beef Checkoff drives demand for beef
  • 72 percent say they approve of the Beef Checkoff
  • 68 percent say the Beef Checkoff leads to greater profitability in their own operation

In January 2019, Luce Research conducted the survey by calling the cell phone and landline numbers of 1,200 beef and dairy producers nationwide. These producers were randomly chosen from a master list of 150,000 U.S. producers. Using 2012 Agriculture Census statistics, the research firm weighted the survey data by age, geography and type of operation to be proportionate to the number of beef and dairy farms in that region – resulting in the adjusted sample size of 1,200 producers.

To participate, responding producers had to indicate they managed an operation that included cattle. For a sample of 1,200, the maximum statistical margin of error (95 percent confidence level) is ± 2.8 percent around any one reported result. For those producers who said they were aware of the checkoff, the maximum margin of error is ± 2.9 percent.

According to the survey results, producers conclude that the checkoff is making a difference in the beef industry, and they understand its positive, global impact. Investing in areas such as research, promotion and producer communications are ways the checkoff keeps the industry growing and beef on dinner tables around the world.

“We’re pleased to learn that producers continue to see the value of the checkoff and support its efforts,” said Brian Malaer, co-chair of the Cattlemen’s Beef Board Investor Relations Working Group. “With 80 percent of producers saying the checkoff help drives demand for beef, it’s clear that they see the return on their investment and feel the checkoff is a necessary part of the beef industry. As 2019 continues, we will keep communicating the checkoff’s many successes so even more producers can better understand how their dollars are advancing the demand for beef.”

The funding for the Producer Attitude Survey initiative sits under the Producer Communications Authorization Request and is overseen by the Investor Relations Working Group and commissioned by the Cattlemen’s Beef Board. The dollars come solely from the Beef Checkoff without input from contractors to ensure unbiased results. The checkoff will take the information gathered from this year’s survey and use it to develop authorization requests for the coming year.

“To ensure the Beef Checkoff‘s continued success, we must communicate the value it brings to the beef industry and the every-day beef producer,” Malaer said. “Their dollars support the industry. Their dollars make a difference. Their dollars are driving demand.”

More About Luce Research:

Luce Research is a multi-dimensional consumer and market research firm whose data-gathering technologies help organizations better understand their constituencies. Their expertise includes scientifically-driven consumer and market research, institutional insights, campaigns, large and small population polling, and custom-developed surveys.

Dan Hoffman, adjunct professor of market research at University of Denver, and contractor to Luce Research, explained why the annual survey is conducted via phone versus online polling.

“Online polling suffers from very low participation and can result in a skewed picture of the audience being surveyed,” said Hoffman. “These polls often garner emotional responses, not factual conversations. When looking at where and how the checkoff is viewed by producers, it is vitally important to use the most statistically weighted process to truly gauge these opinions.”

For more information about the Beef Checkoff and its programs, including promotion, research, foreign marketing, industry information, consumer information and safety, visit Beef Checkoff Program Areas.

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