Beef as a First Food

DYK ... beef should be included in an infant’s diet? There is tradition, but no medical evidence for introducing solids in a specific order. Most often, single-grain cereals are introduced as a first food; however, the AAP advises that meat, including beef, should be added as early solids to the infant's diet.

Read more about how your checkoff’s research is helping show when beef can be added to an infant's diet! *If you have questions about starting solid foods, consult with your physician or healthcare provider.

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Share These Great Results!

Help us share this GREAT news for the cattle industry from the 2016 National Beef Quality Audit! Mobility scoring of fed cattle entering the packing plant suggested cattle mobility overall was good. Researchers utilized a 4-point scale where 1 is normal and 4 is extremely reluctant to move. In addition, non-ambulatory animals were classified as downers. The research established a strong benchmark, with 99.8 percent of animals being scored a 1 or 2.

Access the full audit here.