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Stakeholder Engagement Committee


Engage beef community stakeholders in programs that enhance understanding of the Beef Checkoff and advance the beef industry.


  • Measure, document, improve and communicate the net climate and environmental impact of beef production
  • Align and collaborate with traditional and non-traditional partners to tell the positive story of beef cattle production
  • Expand BQA program to include verification
  • Develop production/processing/marketing systems that result in more equitable margin distribution
  • Explore business models and risk management tools that result in more sustainable producer profit opportunities
  • Attract innovation and intellectual capital and cultivate the next generation of talent into the beef industry
  • Increase industry funds for beef marketing, promotion and research
  • Encourage the cooperation and collaboration of existing industry advisory committees to identify and prioritize research efforts
  • Educate producers, lawmakers and industry stakeholders on the benefits and impact of the Beef Checkoff

Twice a year, producer leaders meet in committees to review promotions and other projects that directly tie to their initiatives based on the Beef Industry Long Range Plan.

Stakeholder Engagement Committee Beef Board Members

Steve Springer headshot


Steve Springer

Linden, Wisconsin

Appointed in 2021

Monte Bordner headshot

Monte Bordner

Sturgis, Michigan

Appointed in 2022

Katie Cooper

Willow Creek, Montana

Reappointed in 2021

Marsha Corbin

Dover, Missouri

Appointed in 2023

Jack Geiger

Robinson, Kansas

Appointed in 2023

Debbie Gill headshot

Debbie Gill

Chico, Texas

Reappointed in 2023

Connie Hass headshot

Connie Hass

Trinidad, Colorado

Appointed in 2022

Steve Hobbs

Great Falls, Montana

Reappointed in 2022

Don Hubbell

Batesville, Arkansas

Appointed in 2023

Daniel Kniffen headshot

Dan Kniffen

Spring Mills, Pennsylvania

Appointed in 2021

John Kriese

Branchport, New York

Appointed in 2023

Boe Lopez headshot

Boe Lopez

Springer, New Mexico

Appointed in 2022

Kristin McQueary headshot

Kristin McQueary

Elko, Nevada

Appointed in 2022

Philip Perry headshot

Phil Perry

Oskaloosa, Kansas

Reappointed in 2021

VeaBea Thomas headshot

VeaBea Thomas

Harrold, South Dakota

Appointed in 2022

Stakeholder Engagement Committee Federation Members


June Loseke

Columbus, Nebraska

Dean Black

Somers, Iowa

Darren Carter headshot

Darren Carter

Ninety Six, South Carolina

Neil Johnson headshot

Neil Johnson

Jasper, Minnesota

Joe Lowe headshot

Joe Lowe

Grove, Kentucky

Nathan Martin

Centralia, Missouri

Kiley Martinell

Dell, Montana

Tom McCall headshot

Tom McCall

Greenville, Virginia

Jeri Moniz

Paauilo, Hawaii

Josh Mueller

Halstead, Kansas

Allan Robison

Cable, Ohio

Pat Shields headshot

Pat Shields

Bryan, Texas