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Consumer Information

Helps enhance beef’s image by sharing nutritional data and other positive messages directly to consumers, as well as with media, food editors, dietitians, physicians, nutritionists, chefs and others who influence consumers’ food knowledge.

About the Consumer Information Program

The Consumer Information program area develops nutritional data and other information that will assist consumers and others in forming opinions and making decisions regarding the purchase, preparation and consumption of beef and beef products. This includes programs such as consumer education and information, communications with health professionals, food and nutrition communicators, retailers and food service professionals.

Contractors With Projects Funded Under Consumer Information Program

Meat Import Council of America (MICA) / Northeast Beef Promotion Initiative (NEBPI)

The Northeast Beef Promotion Initiative helps the Beef Checkoff build beef demand in the highly populated Northeast metros through supply chain engagement, consumer outreach and work with regional nutrition influencers.

Fiscal Year 2023 initiatives include:
  • Extend nationally developed beef resources, including Beef. It’s What’s For Dinner. brand assets through targeted regional digital and social marketing campaigns.
  • Support at least one collegiate-level athletic program and further beef resource distribution among coaching staff, team dietitians, athletes and fans.
  • Foster relationships with influential retail and foodservice partners through involvement of targeted retail and foodservice events, promotions, conferences, trainings and  immersive on-farm experiences.
  • Arm influential healthcare professional audiences with the latest science-based nutrition research and resources.

2023 Funding: $550,000

American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture (AFBFA)

AFBFA grows consumer trust in the beef industry by identifying opportunities to engage and educate students and education leaders.

Fiscal Year 2023 initiatives include:
  • Host teams of elementary school, middle school, high school science teachers and administrators at a national On The Farm STEM event.
  • Launch a On The Farm STEM Train-the-Trainer Program prepare State Beef Councils and their educational partners to enter a yearlong program to learn how to facilitate the connections between science and cattle production with accuracy and impact.
  • Grow the community of educational influencers and teachers using beef-science curriculum materials and professional development opportunities, like the upcoming “Science through the Lens of Agriculture” Webinar Series.

2023 Funding: $900,000

National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA)

NCBA increases positive awareness around beef and shares nutritional data and other information that will assist consumers and others in forming opinions and making decisions regarding the purchase, preparation and consumption of beef.

Fiscal Year 2023 initiatives include:
  • Build relationships culinary leaders, food influencers, beef industry experts and other individuals with influence to execute influencer campaigns.
  • Identify and execute beef education opportunities that reach supply chain operators nationwide.
  • Place positive stories about how beef is raised, beef safety, quality, nutrition, sustainability and innovation in beef merchandising in top-tier national consumer publications.
  • Host three satellite media tours reaching 15 or more media markets each time.
  • Conduct at least four e-commerce campaigns that measure and increase beef sales and/or beef purchase intent.

2023 Funding: $6,020,000

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