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Running for Beef

Get your laces tightened up, we are running for beef!

Every weekend, Northeast Team Beef members positively advocate for beef as they participate in road races located in the New England and Mid-Atlantic regions. The 31 members on the team have collectively ran 499 miles since October 1, 2018.

The concept of Team Beef is not a new one, but it is a program that is constantly changing, incredibly relevant and one that at the core, addresses the beef industry long range plan strategic initiative of “Engaging Beef Advocates.” Team Beef is a nationally supported program through which the Northeast Beef Promotion Initiative is able to extend the rich educational content developed by the checkoff to Team Beef members.

And, what better group of first-party spokespeople to exemplify the nationally developed messages of the Strength Campaign than Team Beef members?

Reaching the Masses

Northeast Team Beef members reach two primary groups. The first being other runners through their in-person participation in race events. The races all take place within the region and can be anything from small local races to large urban races. The second audience includes their own circles of influence on social media. These Northeast Team Beef members have a large social media reach each and every time they complete a race – proudly advocating for beef in the diet of an athlete. During the first quarter of the year, they have a total reach of 46,919 and 6,638 engagements. These engagements are furthering the mission of the beef checkoff, which is to drive demand for beef!

Every one of these individuals has a unique story to tell about how they believe beef is a beneficial part of their diet – crucial to their recovery and an integral part of their weekly meals.

Hear From Just a Few:

Karen Esdall: Karen is from Virginia, and at the start of her running journey, Karen weighed 270 pounds. Today, she is a proud, strong and very active, 170-pound runner who enjoys running. In addition to becoming more physically active, Karen also is more careful about what she eats. She shares that carbohydrate-heavy meals followed by sugary desserts have been replaced by lean meats, good fats and delicious salads – not drenched in creamy dressings. Karen has learned how to design a healthy diet and fill her plate with nutrient-dense foods, making beef something she is really passionate about! This past fall, she ran her first full marathon.

Abbie Gellman: Abbie is a Registered Dietitian and chef based in New York City. She is one of the newest members and since joining the team, has increased her chatter about beef on social media. She demonstrates a growing level of interest in learning more about beef and the beef community as she continues through her journey as a Northeast Team Beef member.

Chris Free: Chris, from Virginia, is new to Team Beef and has been using his connections with local media outlets and his profession as a creative media manager to document his races.

Meg Sauve: Also from Virginia, Meg is a former officer in the Marine Corps and served two tours in Iraq. She may be one of the most die-hard consumers of beef on the team. She shared this quote in her member profile, “Beef is such a fantastic nutrient-dense food. It’s satiating and satisfying, and there are so many options – my favorite being a ribeye steak. I have seen such great progress with my own running and health since going low-carb, and I hope that others can learn that you do not have to depend on carbs, grains, sugar, or even super lean white meats — that a good steak or ground beef or filet can fuel your body, your workouts and your brain – and keep you feeling great!”

To learn more about how to advocate on Team Beef, contact your state beef council.

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