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What the Beef Checkoff Is Doing to Drive Demand for Beef

Beef Demand

  • Final figures in 2018 beef production are expected to be up 2.8 percent from 2017 – the second highest on record after 27.1 billion pounds in 2002 – and are forecast to be up 3.3 percent in 2019.1
  • Strong consumer beef demand is expected to continue through 2019, with the USDA predicting consumers in the U.S. will eat 8.9 percent more beef this year than in 2015.2
  • Much of beef’s demand is driven by ground beef and loin cuts which are particularly popular with consumers at the grocery store.3

Export Growth

  • Beef exports grew 15 percent in 2018, adding more than $320 per head of fed cattle.4
  • $8 billion in beef export sales, in 2018, was due in a large part to beef exports into new markets, including Japan, Korea, China – and further expansion into Canada, Mexico and other countries.5

Nutrition & Health

  • The checkoff participated in the 2019 NBC4 Health & Fitness Expo in Washington D.C., the nations largest gathering of health and fitness in the U.S., to educate consumers on the nutritional value of beef.
    • During the event, Cowboy Ninja Lance Pekus, a recurring contestant on the television competition American Ninja Warrior™, was an avid spokesperson for the nutritional benefits of beef in the diet.


  • The Beef Checkoff recently launched Chuck Knows Beef, an all-things-beef personality powered by Google Artificial Intelligence.
    • Chuck Knows Beef can be found on the web and mobile devices and through smart speakers by Amazon Alexa and Google Home. From recipes to cooking tips to more, Chuck Knows Beef is your go-to guy – or robot – for all the beefy answers. Chuck can provide all information found on


  • On the forefront of the issue of antimicrobial resistance in the human population, and how our food supplies play a role in that issue, the Beef Checkoff congregated the 8th annual Antibiotic Symposium in November 2018, attracting nearly 150 stakeholders from the “one health” community including experts from animal health, human health and environmental health.
    • Presenters included the USDA, CDC, FDA, IBM, PEW, MERCK Animal Health, McDonalds, Tyson, several universities, commodity groups, private companies and more.

Consumer Trust

  • Team BEEF is a Beef Checkoff project aimed at getting the word out about beef’s nutritional benefits by procuring athletes around the country to participate in running and fitness events in the name of BEEF – sparking conversations and beef education.
    • Presently, there are nearly 40 athletes in the Northeast region alone who act as beef advocates through Team BEEF.

Producer Communications

  • A January 2019 Producer Attitude Survey commissioned by the Beef Checkoff – and conducted and reviewed by a third, independent research firm – annually gauges beef producers’ awareness, overall sentiment and concerns about the program.
  • The survey’s key findings include6:
    • 80% of producers say the Beef Checkoff drives demand for beef
    • 72% of producers say they approve of the Beef Checkoff
    • 68% of producers say the Beef Checkoff leads to greater profitability in their own operation


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