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Budget & Audit Committee

The Cattlemen's Beef Board Budget and Audit Committee establishes the annual revenue projections and related Beef Board budget, and it works with the independent auditors engaged by the Board to ensure that its books and records, internal accounting controls and management practices assure the proper level of accountability.

The committee members are Beef Board members appointed by the CBB Officers.

Among its specific duties, the committee:

  • Considers and recommends an independent audit firm to the Beef Board for the succeeding year
  • Considers and recommends any changes to the frequency of audits or reviews conducted by an independent audit firm for the succeeding year to the Beef Board
  • Meets with the auditors to discuss the audit procedures performed and the results thereof.
  • Discusses any suggestions from the audit firm relating to improvements in the Board’s internal accounting controls and procedures
  • Presents results of the annual audit to the full Beef Board
  • Considers the staff’s recommendations and resolutions of issues identified by the auditors

Budget & Audit Committee Beef Board Members

Ex Officio

James “Jimmy” Taylor

Cheyenne, Oklahoma

Sautter, Kathy


Kathryn Sautter

Tiro, Ohio

Vice Chair

Terry Quam

Lodi, Wisconsin

DeNaeyer, Bree

Bree DeNaeyer

Seneca, Nebraska

Seth Denbow

Weatherford, Texas

Edwards, DJ

DJ Edwards

Hamilton, Kansas

Jason Hitch

Guymon, Oklahoma

McLaren, Bill

Bill McLaren

Pacific, Missouri

Senn, CW

CW Senn, Jr.

York, South Carolina