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Foreign Marketing

Develops international markets for U.S. beef through programs aimed at expanding market penetration, gaining new market access, improving global consumer perceptions and building trust in U.S. beef.

About the Foreign Marketing Program

With 95 percent of the global population and 80 percent of the global buying power being located outside of U.S. borders, foreign marketing of U.S. beef is necessary in order to increase beef sales around the world. Add to that, the global population is projected to nearly double by 2050. Combined, these factors clearly showcase that exports of U.S. beef represent a growth opportunity for U.S. beef producers. The Beef Checkoff’s foreign marketing efforts seek to increase the movement of U.S. beef into exports by developing new markets and new sectors in existing markets, displacing the competition and defending the U.S. market share against aggressive competition by beef exports worldwide.

Contractors With Projects Funded Under Foreign Marketing

U.S. Meat Export Federation (USMEF)

USMEF increases market access for U.S. beef worldwide, develops demand among new and existing buyers overseas and increases the value of the entire carcass through export support.

Fiscal Year 2024 initiatives include:
  • Maximize returns at each link in the marketing chain by building export demand for value-added products and the complete range of U.S. beef items, especially those underutilized in the U.S. market, like variety meats.
  • Gather and disseminate market intelligence, provide export technical services per each market and facilitate direct contact between U.S. exporters and targeted buyers in export markets.
  • Educate targeted buyers in export markets on U.S. beef and beef products’ quality, consistency and safety attributes.
  • Increase the presence and availability of U.S. beef and beef products in the hotel, restaurant and institution retail sectors in targeted export markets to build familiarity among consumers and displace competitor products.
  • Secure meaningful, sustained access to new and existing export markets using all available means.

2024 Funding: $8,150,000

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