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USMEF carries out market development activities in more than 80 countries. With such expansive areas to cover, USMEF takes a boots-on-the-ground approach, hiring 16 international representatives and offices worldwide. As locals, these USMEF professionals know and understand their marketplace, as well as the trends and consumer preferences in their area. These Checkoff program leaders help execute promotional campaigns and initiatives and increase market access in their areas. Many of these global markets specifically have a high demand for U.S. beef variety meats. The Beef Checkoff also works with USDA’s Foreign Agricultural Service to utilize their Market Access Program (MAP). Every Checkoff dollar is matched with MAP funds to share the costs of marketing and promotional activities overseas to drive demand for beef.

There’s very minimal demand for beef variety meats like tongue, lips, liver, heart, kidney, stomach and intestine here in the U.S. Still, across the world, international consumers are eager to get their hands on these U.S. beef products and cook their nation’s delicacies. Beef variety meat exports equated to 25.5 pounds per head of fed slaughter, and value of $41.82 per fed head in 2021.1

In addition to variety cuts, the U.S. exports primal cuts like chuck, rib, loin, round, brisket, short plate and flank. International consumers create many of the recipes you may see here at home in the U.S., or dishes you may see when you venture to Asian restaurants, like hot pot, braised short ribs and Mongolian beef.

USMEF’s International Offices

Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, USMEF has offices in Seoul, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenyang, Singapore, Taipei, Mexico City and Monterrey. USMEF also has special market representatives covering South America, South China, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the Caribbean.

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Exported Variety Cuts and Popular Ethnic Beef Dishes

Tongues and Lips

High export markets ins Japan and Mexico

Gyutan, traditionally served with barley rice, pickles and tail soup. (Japan)

Tacos de Lengua (Mexico) Quick Fact: Mexico is the largest volume destination for beef variety meat exports. In 2021, value jumped 162 percent to $264.1 million per carcass value.

Export Value on a Per Fed Head Basis*

  • Tongues to Japan–$17.58
  • Lips to Mexico–$2.15

Liver, Heart and Kidney

High export markets in Egypt, South America, Mexico, South Africa and Indonesia

Steak and kidney pies, steak, kidney and other savory ingredients wrapped in pastry and baked. (South Africa)

Gurda dil masala, kidney curry. (Indonesia) Anticuchos, beef heart skewers. (South America/Peru)

Kibda skandrani, fried beef liver, commonly served with rice or in sandwiches. (Egypt)

Export Value on a Per Fed Head Basis*

  • Liver–$4.07
  • Heart–$2.57
  • Kidney–$0.38

Stomach and Intestine

High export markets Mexico and Asia

Menudo, a traditional Mexican soup made with cow’s stomach and a red chili pepper base. (Mexico)

Intestine rice noodle soup, boiled intestines added to added to fish broth, rice noodles, various greens, scallions and fish sauce. (Taiwan)

Export Value on a Per Fed Head Basis*

  • Stomach–$5.33
  • Intestine–$1.30

Hear from USMEF’s International Representatives

Lorenzo Elizalde USMEF

Jihae Yang USMEF

Matt Copeland USMEF

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