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Domestic Marketing Committee


Inspire consumers, and those who impact consumers, to make beef their preferred protein through targeted, innovative communication and marketing.


  • Implement a marketing campaign that communicates beef’s advantage compared to competing proteins
  • Develop targeted marketing programs focused on the highest opportunity market segments
  • Cultivate collaborative promotion partnerships
  • Engage consumers in a memorable beef eating experience
  • Develop a more interactive and exciting beef purchasing experience
  • Promote underutilized beef cuts and new variety meat products
  • Defend beef’s product identity

Twice a year, producer leaders meet in committees to review promotions and other projects that directly tie to their initiatives based on the Beef Industry Long Range Plan.

Domestic Marketing Committee Beef Board Members

Sallie Miller headshot


Sallie Miller

Briggsdale, Colorado

Appointed in 2021

Trista Priest headshot

Trista Priest Brown

Santana, Kansas

Reappointed in 2021

Arin Crooks headshot

Arin Crooks

Lancaster, Wisconsin

Appointed in 2022

Raymond Erbele headshot

Raymond Erbele

Streeter, North Dakota

Reappointed in 2021

Jason Hitch headshot

Jason Hitch

Guymon, Oklahoma

Reappointed in 2022

Diane Hoover headshot

Diane Hoover

Lebanon, Pennsylvania

Reappointed in 2023

Warren Nop headshot

Warren Nop

Middlebury, Vermont

Appointed in 2022

Bill Post headshot

Bill Post

Chandler, Minnesota

Appointed in 2022

Becky Potmesil headshot

Becky Potmesil

Alliance, Nebraska

Appointed in 2022

Wesley Ratcliff headshot

Wesley Ratcliff

Oakwood, Texas

Appointed in 2022

Jody Rogers headshot

Jody Rogers

Yuma, Colorado

Reappointed in 2023

Marty Stingley headshot

Marty Stingley

Ellensburg, Washington

Reappointed in 2023

Mark Sustaire headshot

Mark Sustaire

Winnsboro, Texas

Appointed in 2021

Domestic Marketing Committee Federation Members

Daniel Hanrahan headshot


Daniel Hanrahan

Cumming, Iowa

Russell Boles

Watson, Oklahoma

Brett Dailey headshot

Brett Dailey

Jordan, Montana

Joe Horstman headshot

Joe Horstman

West Lafayette, Indiana

Ken Krutz

Syracuse, New York

Douglas Maag

Vale, Oregon

Kenneth McKenzie headshot

Kenneth McKenzie

Encino, New Mexico

Todd Mortenson headshot

Todd Mortenson

Hayes, South Dakota

Jake Pannbacker headshot

Jake Pannbacker

Washington, Kansas

Becky Reed headshot

Becky Reed

Springfield, Ohio

Steven Taylor headshot

Steven Taylor

Jerome, Idaho

Chloe Wilson headshot

Chloe Wilson

Sabinal, Texas

Jerry Yates headshot

Jerry Yates

Wardenville, West Virginia

Jason Zahn headshot

Jason Zahn

Towner, North Dakota