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Provides the foundation for virtually all Beef Checkoff-funded information and promotion by supplying the science-based information related to beef nutrition, beef safety and pathogen resistance.

About the Research Program

Around the world, beef consumers demand high-quality, safe and nutritious products. As protein choices continue to expand, beef safety and nutrition research are key to ensuring that both domestic and foreign beef consumers have confidence in their purchasing decisions. The only way to maintain and grow this confidence is through strong and effective science-based communication. Beef Checkoff-funded research programs have been used to respond to industry, media and regulatory inquiries, as well as influencer and consumer concerns, by showcasing the beef industry’s commitment to science-based information and consumer education.

Contractors With Projects Funded Under Research

Foundation for Meat and Poultry Research and Education (FMPRE)

FMPRE conducts post-harvest beef safety research and science-based research on processed beef’s nutritional and health benefits.

Fiscal Year 2023 initiatives include:
  • Manage the execution of a minimum of two research projects addressing current knowledge gaps.
  • Assess research impact over time by cataloging citations for research funded by the Beef Checkoff.
  • Facilitate the dissemination of research data and knowledge sharing through at least cumulatively four meetings, webinars, documents or other events targeted to safety professionals.

2023 Funding: $450,000

National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA)

NCBA researches beef’s role in a healthy diet to share with the scientific community, improves beef’s unique taste attributes and develops new recipes.

Fiscal Year 2022 initiatives include:
  • Build science-based evidence through research to inform beef safety decisions throughout the supply chain.
  • Showcase safety research content to influence the industry’s adoption of new scientific evidence and demonstrate its commitment to improving beef safety.
  • Conduct original human nutrition research studies on healthy diets, where beef is used as the primary source of dietary protein.
  • Execute original scientific research projects focused on improving product quality and taste consistency.
  • Inform audiences (i.e., the scientific community, consumer or industry influencers, retail or food service, etc.) on how beef is sustainably raised today.
  • Convey industry thought leadership by authoring monthly key topic articles on retail sales and foodservice trends for the BIWFD website.
  • Continue to track consumer attitudes toward usage of and preference for beef in the Consumer Tracker.

2023 Funding: $8,100,000

United States Cattlemen’s Association (USCA)/Kansas State University (KSU)

Kansas State University facilitates the Meat Demand Monitor, a research project tracking U.S. consumer preferences, views and demand for meat with separate analysis for retail and foodservice channels.

Fiscal Year 2023 initiatives include:
  • Continue the Meat Demand Monitor project as a one-stop location for U.S. meat demand trends and assessment that is timely, informative and accessible to all interested parties.
  • Create and post monthly and annual reports about U.S. meat demand.
  • Disseminate findings and implications to producers and industry stakeholders.

2023 Funding: $450,000

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