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Safety & Product Innovation Committee


Enhance beef safety through adoption of science-based practices, and inspire the beef community to innovate (develop) products, packaging, and industry solutions.


  • Develop a direct-to-consumer beef safety campaign
  • Use innovative methods and technologies to value carcasses based on eating satisfaction and red meat yield
  • Promote innovative online marketing, packaging and shipping solutions to enable the direct marketing of beef
  • Promote underutilized beef cuts and new variety meat products
  • Drive continuous improvement in food safety

Twice a year, producer leaders meet in committees to review promotions and other projects that directly tie to their initiatives based on the Beef Industry Long Range Plan.

Safety & Product Innovation Committee Beef Board Members

David Bruene headshot


David Bruene

Kelley, Iowa

Reappointed in 2022

Anne Ilse Anderson headshot

Anne Ilse Anderson

Austin, Texas

Reappointed in 2023

Celeste Blackburn headshot

Celeste Blackburn

Jefferson City, Tennessee

Reappointed in 2023

Alfred Brandt headshot

Alfred Brandt

Linn, Missouri

Appointed in 2022

Mike Crosley

Niobrara, Nebraska

Appointed in 2023

Joe Foster

Gallipolis, Ohio

Appointed in 2023

Gwen Geis headshot

Gwen Geis

Gillette, Wyoming

Appointed in 2022

David Henderson headshot

David Henderson

Tennessee Colony, Texas

Appointed in 2022

Jeff Isenmann headshot

Jeff Isenmann

Rochester, Michigan

Reappointed in 2021

Laurie Johnson headshot

Laurie Johnson

South Shore, South Dakota

Appointed in 2022

Evan Lesser headshot

Evan Lesser

Palco, Kansas

Appointed in 2022

Ernie Morales headshot

Ernie Morales

Devine, Texas

Reappointed in 2022

Stephen Sothmann headshot

Steve Sothmann

Washington, District of Columbia

Reappointed in 2022

John Thompson headshot

John Thompson

Saint Francisville, Louisiana

Appointed in 2022

Placeholder member photo

Brandon VanderPoel

Visalia, California

Appointed in 2022

Brian Warren headshot

Brian Warren

Newton Grove, North Carolina

Appointed in 2022

Steve Wolfe headshot

Steve Wolfe

Kearney, Nebraska

Appointed in 2021

Safety & Product Innovation Committee Federation Members

Timmery Hellyer headshot


Timmery Hellyer

Lander, Wyoming

Ty Breeden headshot

Ty Breeden

Quinter, Kansas

Jason Conrad headshot

Jason Conrad

Dover, Florida

Jordan Cook

Jordan Davis-Cook

Cordell, Oklahoma

Randall Debler headshot

Randall Debler

Alma, Kansas

Tracy Hatch

Randolph, Utah

Chris Jeffcoat

Littlestown, Pennsylvania

Jim Jordan headshot

Jim Jordan

Talladega, Alabama

Leon Knirk headshot

Leon Knirk

Quincy, Michigan

Scott McGregor

Nashua, Iowa

Tracey Mershon

Buckner, Missouri

- Dustin Pearson

Dustin Pearson

Gray, Tennessee

James Ramm

Atkinson, Nebraska

John Scanga

John Scanga

Ault, Colorado

Pat Shields headshot

Pat Shields

Bryan, Texas