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New Checkoff Committees Work to Drive Beef Demand

Every year, cattlemen and women from across the U.S., representing every beef industry sector, gather together for the Cattle Industry Winter Business Meetings. These meetings provide Cattlemen’s Beef Board (CBB) members, Beef Checkoff contractors, Federation of State Beef Council representatives and beef producers with an opportunity to discuss current industry issues, as well as the programs and initiatives being executed to support beef producers. Happening February 3-5, 2021, these meetings are open to the public and can be attended virtually here.

During these meetings, Beef Checkoff contractors provide program updates to members of Beef Checkoff committees. These committees are strategically developed based on the Beef Industry Long Range Plan. Updated every five years, this plan is a tool designed to help the beef industry establish a common set of objectives and priorities. It communicates the industry’s strategic direction and provides insight on how the industry can serve its stakeholders by growing beef demand.

After an in-depth analysis of the new 2021-2025 Long Range Plan, the Cattlemen’s Beef Board recently announced a new Beef Checkoff committee structure. Members of these new committees will meet during the Winter Business Meetings to review beef promotions and other projects that correspond with their outlined initiatives.

Here are the new Beef Checkoff committees and their efforts to drive demand for beef:

Consumer Trust Committee

Grows consumer trust in beef and beef production through greater adoption and understanding of industry best practices.


  • Drive adoption of traceability.
  • Align and collaborate with traditional and non-traditional partners to tell the positive story of beef cattle production.
  • Expand efforts in educating the general public about the BQA program and its impact on animal well-being.
  • Develop a direct-to-consumer beef safety campaign.
  • Demonstrate beef’s positive sustainability message and key role in regenerative agriculture.
  • Develop crisis management plans.

Meet the committee members.

Domestic Marketing Committee

Inspires consumers and those who impact consumers to make beef their preferred protein through targeted, innovative communication and marketing.


  • Implement a marketing campaign that communicates beef’s advantages compared to alternative proteins.
  • Develop targeted marketing programs focused on the highest-opportunity market segments.
  • Cultivate collaborative promotion partnerships.
  • Engage consumers in a memorable beef-eating experience.
  • Develop a more interactive and exciting beef purchasing experience.
  • Promote underutilized beef cuts and new variety meat products.

Meet the committee members.

International Marketing Committee

Increases U.S. beef demand in international markets by leveraging the unique attributes of U.S. beef.


  • Drive adoption of traceability.
  • Identify and address export customer needs and values.
  • Collaborate with targeted partners to promote U.S. beef in foreign markets.
  • Invest in research, marketing and educational programs.

Meet the committee members

Nutrition & Health Committee

Will advance credible research demonstrating the nutritional and health benefits of beef, and effectively communicate results with consumers, opinion leaders and stakeholders.


  • Engage positively in the sustainable nutrition conversation.
  • Promote the role of beef in a healthy and sustainable diet.
  • Ensure beef’s inclusion in dietary recommendations.

Meet the committee members

Safety & Product Innovation Committee

Enhances beef safety through the adoption of science-based practices and inspires the beef community to develop products, packaging and industry solutions.


  • Develop a direct-to-consumer beef safety campaign.
  • Use innovative methods and technologies to value carcasses based on eating satisfaction and red meat yield.
  • Promote innovative online marketing, packaging and shipping solutions to enable the direct marketing of beef.
  • Promote underutilized beef cuts and new variety meat products.
  • Drive continuous improvement in food safety.

Meet the committee members

Stakeholder Engagement Committee

Engages beef community stakeholders in programs that enhance understanding of the Beef Checkoff and advance the beef industry.


  • Measure, document, improve and communicate the net environmental impact of beef production.
  • Align and collaborate with traditional and non-traditional partners to tell the positive story of beef cattle production.
  • Expand BQA program to include verification.
  • Attract innovation and intellectual capital into the beef industry.
  • Encourage the cooperation and collaboration of existing industry advisory committees to identify and prioritize research efforts.

Meet the committee members

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