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Behind every Beef Checkoff decision is a cattle producer. And, more often than not, it’s a neighbor down the road, a fellow member of the local cattle group or the cattleman or woman looking at a pen of bulls during a spring production sale. These producers and importers go through the same challenges and face the same adversities as their fellow cattle producers across the nation. With passion and steadfast dedication, Cattlemen’s Beef Board members from across the U.S. volunteer their valuable time to represent both the entire beef industry and producers in their state.

The Cattlemen’s Beef Promotion and Research Board, commonly referred to as the CBB, consists of 99 members who represent cow/calf, stockers, feedlot, veal and dairy operations, as well as importers of beef and beef products. The number of board members representing a state is determined by the total number of cattle in that state or region, with 500,000 head earning each state its first board member and 1,000,000 head for each additional member. Importer numbers are established in the same manner, using a per-head equivalent. Members are nominated by certified nominating organizations to the USDA and then appointed by the Secretary of Agriculture.

The appointed members have the opportunity to serve on CBB Checkoff program committees, administrative committees, the Evaluation Advisory Committee, as well as the Beef Promotion Operating Committee. CBB Checkoff program committees are comprised of 20 CBB members and 20 members of the Federation of State Beef Councils. Together, these 40 committed producers and importers determine the funding given to Beef Checkoff contractors and their projects every September.

In addition to serving on various committees, members genuinely want the best outcome for producers, because they, too, are producers.

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