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Beefing Up STEM

Key influencers in education who participated in the Los Angeles and Boston On the Farm STEM events have a new outlook on the beef industry. After the event participants indicated an 81 percent increase in their familiarity with how STEM concepts are used in the beef industry, a 62 percent increase in the perception that the positives strongly outweigh the negatives of how cattle are raised, and a 51 percent increase in the perception that the positives strongly outweigh the negatives of beef. Follow their journey on Twitter and Instagram #BeefingUpSTEM2017.

Team Beef Activities

Team BeefNearly 40,000 runners and their families attending the 2017 Philadelphia Broad Street Run Health & Fitness Expo were encouraged to fuel up with beef. Additionally, Pennsylvania’s May is BEEF Month celebrations kicked off on Saturday, May 6, with a Team Beef member “Meat & Greet” pre-race reception. A total of 10 runners represented Team Beef during the nation’s largest 10-mile road race and the largest race in Pennsylvania. Meanwhile, beef was front and center during the 121st Boston Marathon on April 17. Thirty-one members of Team Beef started in Hopkinton and ran along the rolling streets into downtown Boston on Marathon Monday to celebrate Patriots' Day with more than 30,000 other runners from nearly 100 countries. The checkoff also participated in the pre-race John Hancock Sports and Fitness Expo attended by 100,000 runners and their families. 

Beef Checkoff Additional Resources:

The beef production story is told through, a site which offers information, photos, graphics, facts and figures, personal accounts and other resources that combine to tell the story of how beef gets from producers pastures to consumers’ plates.

Professionals in foodservice, retail and manufacturing industries can go to to find beef product ideas and tools to make new products successful in the market.

Consumers can go to for beef tips, facts, nutrition information, recipes, contests, cookbook ordering information and the “Beef So Simple” newsletter.

Consumers looking for nutrition and dietary information about beef can go to to order or download materials and research information, or find a schedule of nutrition events and seminars.

Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE) is a misunderstood but potentially serious animal disease. For the most accurate information, turn to, an informational site housing current information regarding for consumers, producers and beef industry representatives.

A Web site with simple, creative resources for new and exciting ways to not only enjoy meals as a family, but also engage in some good, old-fashioned fun together! We hope you find it useful and encourage you to come back often for fresh ideas can be found at

Addressing beef nutrition with a focus on the classroom, offer materials to order or download; serves as a resource for teachers with a large selection of free posters, brochures, and teaching kits about beef and human nutrition.

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