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Educating TIME, Inc. About Beef

Checkoff staff recently met with editors from TIME, Inc. publications, including Cooking Light, Health, Southern Living and to share ideas and inspiration for heart-smart cooking with lean beef. Dr. Shalene McNeill, a registered dietitian and head of the checkoff’s nutrition-research program, shared information about beef’s nutrient package, while Chef Richard Chamberlain, author of The Healthy Beef Cookbook, prepared several healthy holiday meals to show editors how easy it is to prepare delicious and nutritious meals with beef. Dr. Kevin Campbell, a cardiologist from the University of North Carolina, also addressed the important role that beef can play in a heart-healthy diet, as many of the editors participating were contemplating content for their February “Heart Health Month” issues.

Beef in the Classroom

Culinary schools are in the process of submitting applications for the fifth season of the Beef in the Classroom for post-secondary culinary programs in the Northeast, the product of a combination between the national checkoff and the South Dakota beef council. The program supports purchase of educational materials and fresh beef and veal for use in cooking and cutting demonstrations in class. Students are required to participate in pre- and post-event surveys to help the checkoff assess changes in student knowledge and comfort levels of cutting and cooking beef, as well as their overall perception of beef. The program launches in January and runs through June 30, 2017.

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