Consumer Information

Consumer Information

Launching Two New Beef Cuts

The beef checkoff has introduced 13 new beef cuts during the last decade, thanks to its Muscle Profiling research. Today, 43 percent of consumers say they are willing to try new beef cuts or recipes, so Midwest retailer Hy-Vee – with 235 stores in eight states – is offering new beef chuck cuts, based on the checkoff research. New cuts ramping up sales in Hy-Vee’s service case include a rolled and tied chuck roast from the beef chuck eye roll, as well as the Denver steak from the chuck roll under blade. The new cuts extend Hy-Vee’s recently introduced Hy-Vee Choice Reserve line, in which the Denver steak is offered in three ways, including traditional, plus marinated Caribbean style and with steakhouse seasoning.

Slicing and Saving

Today’s consumers are motivated to keep household budgets trim, and retailers are offering cost-saving strategies to keep customers enjoying the simple pleasures they love – like steak!  The checkoff’s Slice ‘n Save labels provide consumers with the information they need to buy boneless middle meat subprimals and cut them into steaks and roasts at home. The labels now have a new look and updated cookery information to educate and provide the know-how DIY butcher techniques. Retailers can purchase the labels, with options to customize for merchandising in their stores.

For additional information, check out these sites:

The beef production story is told through, a site which offers information, photos, graphics, facts and figures, personal accounts and other resources that combine to tell the story of how beef gets from producers pastures to consumers’ plates.

Professionals in foodservice, retail and manufacturing industries can go to to find beef product ideas and tools to make new products successful in the market.

Consumers can go to for beef tips, facts, nutrition information, recipes, contests, cookbook ordering information and the “Beef So Simple” newsletter.

Consumers looking for nutrition and dietary information about beef can go to to order or download materials and research information, or find a schedule of nutrition events and seminars.

Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE) is a misunderstood but potentially serious animal disease. For the most accurate information, turn to, an informational site housing current information regarding for consumers, producers and beef industry representatives.

A Web site with simple, creative resources for new and exciting ways to not only enjoy meals as a family, but also engage in some good, old-fashioned fun together! We hope you find it useful and encourage you to come back often for fresh ideas can be found at

Bilingual consumers can turn to, a consumer site in Spanish and English, for quick-and-easy beef recipes, nutrition information, and beef shopping, storage and cooking guides.

Addressing beef nutrition with a focus on the classroom, offer materials to order or download; serves as a resource for teachers with a large selection of free posters, brochures, and teaching kits about beef and human nutrition.

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According to the Beef Act, consumer information means nutritional data and other information that will assist consumers and others in making evaluations and decisions regarding the purchase, preparation and use of beef and beef products. This includes checkoff programs such as consumer public relations about beef and the cattle industry, from pasture to plate; communications with nutrition influencers about the nutrient qualities and profile of beef; and youth education and information about the role of beef as part of a healthy diet.

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