Question: About New Beef Products

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About ‘New Products’

1) I hear the beef checkoff has hand in developing new cuts - how can that be?

In today's economy, consumers can't always afford traditional steak cuts. That’s why, through our muscle profiling research, the checkoff helped develop the Flat Iron, Delmonico Steak, Denver Cut, Boneless Country-Style Ribs and America’s Beef Roast are examples of new cuts developed to provide high-quality and economical alternatives. For producers, new products created through muscle profiling contributed an estimated $60 per head increase in the value of the chuck.

2) What is the checkoff doing in the way of new-product development?

The checkoff serves as a catalyst with food manufacturers, restaurants, grocery stores and other foodservice personnel to create specific beef products to suit their consumer clientele -- for example, beef products that are convenience, easy to prepare, lean and nutritious. In fact, since 1998, the checkoff has served as a catalyst in development of literally thousands of new beef products. Examples include: Hormel’s Beef Roast Au Jus, Stouffers Skillet Sensations Homestyle Beef, standing beef sandwich, the Beef Snackwich, Mini Burger, Cheeseburger-On-A-Stick, and Steak and Egg Breakfast Bites, which wouldn’t have happened without checkoff investment.