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The Truth is in the Science

As many cattlemen and women know, some individuals, organizations and companies spread misinformation about cattle’s role in the environment. The Beef Checkoff works tirelessly to combat this message through scientifically proven research, because, ultimately, the truth is in the science. For years, the Beef Checkoff has invested producer dollars into the Beef Sustainability Research Program to learn, understand and strategically communicate beef’s place in a sustainable food system.

The Beef Sustainability Research program provides consumers worldwide with proof of beef producers’ commitment to responsibly raised beef. This Checkoff-funded program assesses beef sustainability using an approach that balances environmental responsibility, economic opportunity and social diligence across the beef value chain. This research is conducted to provide science-validated sustainability indicators that serve as industry benchmarks and provide a path forward to continuous improvement. The research encompasses the entirety of the beef industry, from the birth of a calf to beef on the consumer’s plate. This research program is a proactive and innovative scientific approach to creating a sustainable beef product for a growing world population while increasing consumer confidence in beef.

After in-depth research, here’s what the Beef Checkoff has proven to be true – U.S. beef producers are leaders in the area of sustainability, and they are committed to responsibly raised beef. But how do we use these facts to help drive demand for beef?

This research provides a basis for most Checkoff-funded advertising campaigns and other initiatives. Beef’s sustainability message is then communicated to many audiences, including consumers, nutritionists, registered dietitians, the scientific community, influencers, chefs and communities abroad through a fully integrated marketing approach.

Specifically, this information is used in advertising efforts like the Checkoff-funded Beef. It’s What’s for Dinner. “Nicely done, beef.” campaign and Checkoff-sponsored articles in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and other consumer-facing publications. Additionally, social media, video and digital marketing efforts integrate this research in one form or another.

All of this data, research and information is available for producers on the Checkoff-funded website, This website provides information on not just beef’s place in a sustainable food system, but also beef safety, human nutrition, product quality, sustainability and market research.

Check out just a few of the data points currently being communicated to target audiences:

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