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Reintroducing U.S. Beef in Sri Lanka

Last year, the island nation of Sri Lanka, off the southeast coast of India, ended its ban on imports of U.S. beef. Funding from the beef checkoff and the USDA Market Access Program (MAP) allowed U.S. beef to be reintroduced through two one-day seminars for chefs, buyers, foodservice professionals and meat processors. The seminars explained the U.S. production system and USDA grading, as well as proper handling and storage, and included cooked samples of U.S. beef tenderloin, striploin and ribeye. For more, visit U.S. Beef in Sri Lanka.

Training Vietnamese Chefs to Choose U.S. Beef

As its middle class grows, consumers in Vietnam can increasingly afford to spend more on imported beef. And with the corresponding opening of more international restaurant chains in that country, beef consumption also is expanding to new market segments. With this in mind, checkoff-funded seminars are teaching chefs in Vietnam how well alternative U.S. beef cuts perform in various menu applications, all the while sourcing lower-cost cuts and maintaining quality. The ASEAN region is facing price increases and supply challenges as product flows to higher-margin markets, such as Japan, with its expanded access for U.S. beef. This has created a need for more affordable U.S. beef alternative items, including different grades, cuts and preparation methods. See details about a joint seminar partnering the beef checkoff with the U.S. Potato Board at Cutting Demo in Vietnam.



For additional information: offers reports on the activities of the U.S. Meat Export Federation, including many beef checkoff programs managed by the organization, and offers extensive information about international meat trade.

For a brochure about checkoff-funded foreign-marketing programs, click here.

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