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Beef Checkoff Barbecue Events

Japanese and Taiwanese consumers love Texan barbecue, but they think it’s difficult to make. That’s why the beef checkoff has been promoting barbecue events, like recent seminars funded by the Texas Beef Council to highlight various cuts and cooking methods. Japan and Taiwan are among the top-performing markets for U.S. beef, and these events include presentations to importers, retailers and food media. The goal is to encourage expansion of U.S. beef as a substitute for Japanese and other imported beef in growing, underdeveloped market segments by conveying the consistent supply, safety, quality and versatility of U.S. beef. 

Beef Checkoff Seminar in Taiwan

Increased prices for popular beef cuts in Taiwan has led buyers to look for substitutes, but they need guidance on buying and cooking new items. As part of an ongoing effort make U.S. beef a key component of Taiwan’s food culture, the beef checkoff has worked for years to gain loyalty among key buyers and identify new market players. Efforts concentrate on the safety, variety, profitability and superior quality of U.S. beef, emphasizing first and foremost the safety of the product, and then its value and versatility. Building on a popular consumer event held last year, the checkoff recently funded a U.S. beef bowl and barbecue seminar to demonstrate use of economical U.S. cuts in Taiwanese fare.


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