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Taking Texas to Taiwan

With the Texas Beef Council, the checkoff funded a U.S. beef event at a major Taipei hotel in Taiwan, encouraging the use of underutilized U.S. cuts for less expensive dishes. High-end Taiwanese dining establishments are looking to add value and uniqueness to menus through new-to-market cuts. The checkoff’s strategy here is to introduce alternative high-quality U.S. beef cuts, such as ribeye cap and petite tender, to targeted buyers.

U.S. Beef Prospects in Africa

 Shifting global dynamics, rapid development and improving economies in Sub-Saharan Africa provide new growth opportunities for the U.S. beef industry. The inaugural Meat Buyers Showcase and Seminar in Sub-Saharan Africa – Accra, Ghana – was funded in part by the beef checkoff and attracted more than two dozen buyers from Ghana, Benin and Nigeria. U.S. exporters discussed current and future business opportunities with buyers at the product showcase. A meeting following a 2014 research project identifying export opportunities in the region confirmed that U.S. packers and exporters are excited about the potential of Sub-Saharan Africa and anxious to build new business relationships in the region.



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