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Boosting Beef Sales with ‘Rocky Mountain Steak’

The checkoff partnered with USDA, a Korean retailer, and Korean beef importers to fund a “Rocky Mountain Steak” campaign with E-mart, Korea’s largest retail chain, that triggered an 83-percent increase in U.S. beef sales at the chain! Such events are part of a strategy to capitalize on U.S. beef’s success in the restaurant sector by focusing on increasing retail sales, as well. The “To Trust” campaign focuses on the positive of attributes of U.S. beef through “World Class Beef” messaging that highlights the safety and quality of U.S. beef, especially to younger consumers/families. Get the details at Rocky Mountain Steak.

Teaching Foodservice Pros about U.S. Beef

In Peru, consumers are willing to pay higher prices for high-quality U.S. beef, and U.S. beef exports to South America have grown dramatically in the past few years. Many market segments, however, are still unfamiliar with U.S. beef, especially key buyers in the foodservice sector, and inefficient handling and lack of product knowledge sometimes result in low yields. In response, checkoff promotions educate importers, distributors and other market stakeholders about the profitability of U.S. beef value cuts and provide training for proper handling and merchandising of unfamiliar cuts. A food show in Lima, Peru, conducted by the Makro wholesale club chain, provided the checkoff with an opportunity to emphasize the value and versatility that U.S. beef can add to a daily restaurant menu or a large catered event. Learn more at Foodservice Pros.



For additional information: offers reports on the activities of the U.S. Meat Export Federation, including many beef checkoff programs managed by the organization, and offers extensive information about international meat trade.

For a brochure about checkoff-funded foreign-marketing programs, click here.

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