Foreign Marketing

Showcasing U.S. Beef in Burma

The beef checkoff helped promote U.S. beef in the Myanmar tourist destinations of Mandalay and Bagan at two American food-product showcases organized under the USDA’s Global Base Initiative (GBI). The GBI mission is to connect U.S. exporters with distributors and end users in secondary cities, which ties in well with U.S. beef export strategies help distributors’ retail customers promote U.S. beef effectively and to expand our marketing reach to retail subsectors in target international markets.

Teaching Chefs and Consumers

The Middle East’s flourishing restaurant sector reflects growing tourism and demand for new dining concepts, but foodservice staff there lack knowledge of those new concepts, and the industry experiences high staff turnover. With this in mind, the beef checkoff funded a series of workshops in Oman, Bahrain and Qatar to educate chefs and consumers about U.S. beef muscle cuts, as well as proper cooking techniques to avoid overcooking — a common problem in the region. The workshops emphasized a wide range of U.S. beef items, especially underutilized cuts, and discussed handling techniques and menu applications for the suggested cuts.



For additional information: offers reports on the activities of the U.S. Meat Export Federation, including many beef checkoff programs managed by the organization, and offers extensive information about international meat trade.

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