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US Beef in Oman

The checkoff helped fund spring retail promotions, featuring U.S. beef striploin, ribeye and chuck, recipe cards and educational materials in Oman – one of the most promising retail sectors for U.S. beef in the world. The Middle East imports a large share of its food to meet growing demand for premium items, including high-quality beef muscle cuts. The region’s large youth population is driving many of the trends in the food and beverage industry, with social media helping shape attitudes. This in-store U.S. beef promotion introduced shoppers to a variety of U.S. beef cuts and encouraged local distributors to overcome their hesitancy to promote U.S. beef muscle cuts with retailers by providing the marketing and merchandising knowledge to help them penetrate this sector effectively.

Cutting Up with Taiwanese Chefs

A key beef-promotion strategy in Taiwan is to educate restaurants and chefs about U.S. beef production, safety, and versatility. Increased demand in other Asian markets for Asia-specific U.S. cuts, such as chuck flap, top blade and boneless chuck short ribs, is driving family style restaurants to seek alternative high-quality beef products at a competitive price. With this in mind, the checkoff helped fund a “New Cuts and Creative Cuisine Seminar” for chefs, cooking instructors and other key restaurant staff in Taiwan, designed to highlight new dish ideas and reinforce the high U.S. beef-safety standards to Taiwan’s new generation of menu planners and buyers.



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