Foreign Marketing

Training Chefs in Middle East

The beef checkoff recently helped fund hotel, restaurant and institutional (HRI)-sector training workshops in three Middle East locations that are currently enjoying economic growth. The region’s flourishing HRI sector is a reflection of growing tourism and demand for new dining concepts, but a lack of knowledge about high-quality ingredients among foodservice staff and high staff turnover are major issues. With that in mind, the workshops helped educate chefs and importers about U.S. beef cuts and proper cooking techniques to avoid overcooking — a common problem in the region.  For more, visit HRI Training.

Reaching Korean Restaurateurs

With the help of checkoff funding, U.S. beef was displayed prominently at the semiannual Korean Franchise Business Expo, which attracts 30,000 franchise owners. Checkoff representatives handed out samples of popular U.S. beef products and alternative cuts. By reaching small restaurant owners and giving them practical advice on improving their bottom lines via U.S. beef, attendance at the expo fit into the strategy of promoting the use of underutilized cuts that offer both quality and value, and targeting large foodservice subsectors that demand high-quality, lower-cost inputs. For details, visit Business Expo.



For additional information: offers reports on the activities of the U.S. Meat Export Federation, including many beef checkoff programs managed by the organization, and offers extensive information about international meat trade.

For a brochure about checkoff-funded foreign-marketing programs, click here.

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