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Encouraging Burger Culture

Burgers are in vogue in Taiwan, and the beef checkoff is encouraging buyers and chefs to use U.S. beef — alternative, affordable, versatile cuts — in recipes emerging in this “creative burger culture.” Despite past negative media portrayals and anti-U.S. beef campaigns, the perception of U.S. beef has been improving gradually in Taiwan, with market share growing as restaurants and retailers resume sales following the adoption of a maximum residue level (MRL) for ractopamine in 2012. Throughout Taiwan, there is a growing presence of Western-style restaurants, many of which predominately feature U.S. beef on their menus. New opportunities come from high-end dining establishments looking to add value and uniqueness to their menus through use of new-to-market cuts and preparations, including dry-aged beef.

Cooking for Croatian Chefs

Fierce restaurant competition in the European Union has pushed many restaurants to use price to compete, while others turn to preparation techniques, such as dry aging, to add value and differentiate high-quality beef. Accordingly, a recent checkoff-funded seminar in Croatia demonstrated to chefs and buyers the wide range of culinary preparations for less-expensive U.S. beef cuts. Julieta Valls Noyes, U.S. Ambassador to Croatia (pictured), participated in the event, as well.



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