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Barbecuing, Texas Style, in Singapore

US beef in SingaporeTexas barbecue is exported worldwide, even to the island nation of Singapore, where a seminar that the checkoff helped fund taught chefs not only how to cook Texas barbecue, but what equipment to use to get it right.  A team of chefs from Singapore hotels and restaurants visited Hong Kong for training on Texas barbecue and an educational program about use of U.S. beef. 

Detailing Japanese Needs from U.S. Beef

US beef in JapanWhat do Japanese consumers want? What do they need? A new American Beef Promotion Guidebook, funded in part by the beef checkoff, answers those questions. Introduced at a seminar in Tokyo, the guide is a compilation of merchandising suggestions for retailers, as well as advice about different approaches to feeding diverse families. For example, it analyzes consumers’ shopping patterns and purposes, offering unique merchandising ideas and suggestions to retailers about how best to promote U.S. beef as branded items. 


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