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Uzbek Chefs Master U.S. Beef

U.S. beef is still locked out of Russia, but neighboring countries in the region continue to represent solid, untapped potential for U.S. beef. The beef checkoff helps target the most promising markets, including the large central Asian nation of Uzbekistan. A recent educational Master Class on U.S. beef for the Association of Uzbekistan Chefs was well attended by Uzbek chefs and other foodservice professionals. Tourist-friendly and upscale restaurants in Uzbekistan rely on imported beef, and it’s important to show them why U.S. beef is best.

Tijuana Seminar with Major U.S. Beef Importer

In Mexico, the beef checkoff’s Hotel, Restaurant and Institution (HRI) strategy is to capitalize on established relationships with the trade to defend market share by demonstrating to HRI and retail decision-makers and their customers the consistency and superior quality of U.S. beef. A series of U.S. beef cutting and cooking seminars in key Mexican markets wrapped up in Tijuana for clients of La Canasta, a major importer of U.S. beef. The seminars build demand by demonstrating the valuable attributes and profit potential of U.S. beef, as well as how to effectively handle and merchandise a wide range of products.


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