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Your Dollar Does

Checkoff Dollars Drive More Home Chefs To Cook With Beef

The Checkoff-funded Beef. It’s What’s For Dinner. Culinary Center shapes the Beef Checkoff’s promotional efforts and drives consumer satisfaction.

Read the full story today to get more details on how this hub of innovation and culinary exploration enables the Beef Checkoff to maintain its stance as the leading voice and resource for beef-loving chefs worldwide.

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Put Your Knowledge to the Test

For every head of cattle sold, one dollar goes toward promotion, research and education about beef to increase demand in the US and around the world. The Beef Checkoff was built around this core mission, however there is still confusion and misinformation about how your dollar is being used.

Take this quick, 10-question quiz to see if you know fact from fiction about Checkoff regulations, program results and more.

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What popular fast-food chain featured Beef Checkoff-funded advertising on the popular food delivery app, DoorDash?*

Where Does Your Dollar Go?

Checkoff Programs

The Beef Promotion and Research Act and Order authorizes Checkoff funds to be spent in the following program areas: promotion, research, consumer information, industry information, foreign marketing and producer communications.

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The Drive

The Beef Checkoff is dedicated to increasing consumer demand for beef and strengthening beef's position in the marketplace. Sign up today to receive the latest information, insights and results on how your Checkoff is accomplishing these things.

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