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The Cattlemen’s Beef Board (CBB) will invest approximately $38.5 million into programs of beef promotion, research, consumer information, industry information, foreign marketing, and producer communications during fiscal 2023, subject to USDA approval.

In action at the end of its September 7-8 meeting in Denver, Colorado, the Beef Promotion Operating Committee (BPOC) approved Checkoff funding for a total of 13 “Authorization Requests” – or grant proposals – for the fiscal year beginning October 1, 2023. The committee, which includes 10 producers from the Cattlemen’s Beef Board and 10 producers from the Federation of State Beef Councils, also recommended full Cattlemen’s Beef Board approval of a budget amendment to reflect the split of funding between budget categories affected by their decisions.

Nine contractors and three subcontractors brought 14 Authorization Requests worth $48 million to the BPOC this week, nearly $9.5 million more than the funds available from the CBB budget.

“Producers are behind all the decisions that the BPOC makes during these meetings each September,” said CBB and BPOC Chair Norman Voyles, Jr. “We carefully consider every Authorization Request to determine how to use Checkoff dollars to drive beef demand and provide producers with the best possible return on their Checkoff investments.”

“As we expected, the proposals we reviewed this week were remarkably innovative, containing many thought-provoking ideas and concepts. Our challenge is balancing the budget while also distributing our limited amount of Checkoff dollars in a manner that we believe will best drive beef demand. I’d like to thank all our contractors and committee members for their hard work and careful consideration as we all work together to advance the entire beef industry.”

In the end, the BPOC approved proposals from 9 national beef organizations for funding through the FY23 Cattlemen’s Beef Board budget, as follows:

  • American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture – $900,000
  • Cattlemen’s Beef Board – $1,850,000
  • Foundation for Meat and Poultry Research and Education – $450,000
  • Meat Import Council of America / Northeast Beef Promotion Initiative – $550,000
  • National Cattlemen’s Beef Association – $25,720,000
  • National Institute for Animal Agriculture – $70,000
  • North American Meat Institute – $360,000
  • United States Cattlemen’s Association – $450,000
  • United States Meat Export Federation – $8,200,000

Broken out by budget component – as outlined by the Beef Promotion and Research Act of 1985 – the FY23 Plan of Work for the Cattlemen’s Beef Promotion and Research Board budget includes:

  • $9,400,000 for promotion programs, including beef and veal campaigns focusing on beef’s nutritional value, eating experience, convenience, and production.
  • $9,000,000 for research programs focusing on pre- and post-harvest beef safety, scientific affairs, nutrition, sustainability, product quality, culinary technical expertise, and consumer perceptions.
  • $7,470,000 for consumer information programs, including Northeast influencer outreach and public relations initiatives; national consumer public relations, including nutrition-influencer relations and work with primary- and secondary-school curriculum directors nationwide to get accurate information about the beef industry into classrooms of today’s youth. Additional initiatives include outreach and engagement with food, culinary, nutrition and health thought leaders; media and public relations efforts; and supply chain engagement.
  • $2,630,000 for industry information programs, including dissemination of accurate information about the beef industry to counter misinformation from anti-beef groups and others, as well as funding for Checkoff participation in the annual national industrywide symposium about antibiotic use. Additional efforts in this program area include beef advocacy training and issues/crisis management and response.
  • $8,200,000 for foreign marketing and education, focusing on 13 regions, representing more than 90 countries around the world.
  • $1,850,000 for producer communications, which includes investor outreach using national communications and direct communications to producers and importers about Checkoff results. Elements of this program include ongoing producer listening and analysis; industry collaboration and outreach; and continued development of a publishing strategy and platform and a state beef council content hub.

The full fiscal 2023 Cattlemen’s Beef Board budget is approximately $42.7 million. Separate from the Authorization Requests, other expenses funded include $270,000 for program evaluation; $585,000 for program development; $200,000 for Checkoff communications resources; $550,000 for USDA oversight; $210,000 for state services; $270,000 supporting services and litigation; and $2.1 million for CBB administration. The fiscal 2023 program budget represents a decrease of slightly less than 1% percent, or $350,800, from the $38.9 million FY22 budget.

For more information about the Beef Checkoff and its programs, including promotion, research, foreign marketing, industry information, consumer information and safety, contact the Cattlemen’s Beef Board at 303-220-9890 or visit

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How Beef Checkoff Dollars Will Be Spent During Fiscal Year 2022

The Beef Promotion and Research Act and Order authorizes Beef Checkoff funds to only be spent in the following program areas: beef promotion, research, education, information and foreign-market development.

Each September, beef industry organizations present proposals – referred to as Authorization Requests, or “ARs” – to the Beef Promotion Operating Committee, comprised of members of the Cattlemen’s Beef

Board and the Federation of State Beef Councils, to request funding for year-long marketing, education and research projects in these program areas. The organizations approved for funding are referred to as Beef Checkoff contractors.

Currently, the Beef Checkoff has nine contractors and three subcontractors. The contractors and their programs and projects are approved within each of the program areas for the fiscal year 2022 (October 2021 to September 2022).

Industry Information

Strives for an accurate understanding of the beef industry and helps maintain a positive cattle-marketing climate.


Builds discovery, access and confidence in veal and veal production. 2022 Funding: $74,210


Communicates the message that real beef’s great taste and nutrition can’t be replicated, and addresses the myths around beef and beef production among various audiences. 2022 Funding: $2,473,820


Supports the beef industry’s commitment to “One Health” – healthy humans, healthy animals – including the annual Antibiotics Symposium, which will focus on continued knowledge about responsible antibiotic use and the primary efforts aimed at combating antimicrobial resistance. 2022 Funding: $79,160

Consumer Information

Helps enhance beef’s image by sharing nutritional data and other positive messages with media, food editors, dietitians, physicians and others who influence consumers’ food knowledge.


Grows a scientifically-literate society through the beef-based STEM curriculum. Educators utilize STEM curriculum for their middle and high school students with plans for expansion into elementary classrooms this year. 2022 Funding: $926,000


Builds beef consumption in highly populated Northeastern U.S. cities by working with restaurants and grocery store chains, marketing to specific consumer groups and garnering support from regional nutrition influencers. 2022 Funding: $494,760


Increases consumer awareness of the Beef. It’s What’s For Dinner. brand campaign and positions beef as the number one protein with restaurants, culinary leaders, grocery stores and other markets through media relations. 2022 Funding: $6,234,020


Includes advertising, merchandising and new product development as well as training and promotional partnerships with restaurants and supermarkets that stimulate sales of beef and veal products.


Facilitates innovative approaches for consumers to access and purchase veal and enhances veal eating experiences by creating meal solutions that capitalize on taste, value and versatility. 2022 Funding: $356,230


Connects directly with consumers to promote beef through the iconic Beef. It’s What’s For Dinner. campaign. Through beef marketing and merchandising, Beef. It’s What’s For Dinner. educates and inspires consumers to purchase, prepare and enjoy beef. 2022 Funding: $9,202,600


The foundation for virtually all Checkoff-funded programs, this category of Checkoff projects provides science by providing science related to beef nutrition, beef safety and pathogen resistance.


Conducts post-harvest beef safety and science-based research on processed beef’s nutritional and health benefits. 2022 Funding: $500,000


Continues to examine beef’s role in a healthy diet to share with the scientific and nutrition community, improves beef’s unique taste attributes and develops new recipes. 2022 Funding: $8,100,000


This research will tackle the important areas surrounding consumer beef perceptions by looking into beef enrichment with omega-3 fatty acids. 2022 Funding: $210,000

Producer Communications

Informs producers and importers about how their Checkoff dollars are invested through a variety of efforts and initiatives.


Executes the producer communications program to convey to producers how their Beef Checkoff investment drives demand for beef. Producers engage with The Drive publishing platform, social media and thought leaders to access transparent and factual information on the Checkoff program. 2022 Funding: $1,850,000

Foreign Marketing

Develops international markets for U.S. beef through programs aimed at expanding international market penetration, gaining new market access, and improving global consumer perceptions.


Maximizes market access for U.S. beef around the globe, develops demand among new and existing buyers overseas, and increases value of the entire carcass through export support. 2022 Funding: $8,400,000


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