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2019 Annual Report

Industry Information

The Beef Checkoff is dedicated to helping beef producers vocalize their commitment to producing safe, wholesome beef products. With the end goal enhancing the beef industry’s image, Industry Information programs work to develop new markets and marketing strategies and increase efficiency and activities. These Beef Checkoff programs focus on issues, management, public relations and beef and veal quality assurance.

BQA-Certified Producers Earn Premium at Auction

Results from a 2019 study showed producers who listed their cattle as BQA-certified in
the lot descriptions earned a premium of $16.80 per head. This value was determined by applying the $2.71/cwt premium found in the research study data. When the BQA premium was constant on a per-head basis, it implied higher weight-based premiums for lighter cattle (for example $3.73/cwt at 450 lbs./head) and lower premiums for heavier cattle ($2.24/cwt at 750 lbs./head).

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BQA-certified producers earn a nearly $17/head premium at auction, meaning customers are actively seeking out BQA-certified cattle to supply their buyers because it assures them that these animals were raised responsibly under the highest-quality care.

Video Dispels Misperception About Veal

It is one of the most common misperceptions in agriculture today – how veal calves are raised. To directly address that misperception, the Beef Checkoff utilized dollars to update, complete with new images and videos to provide consumers with accurate information.



Following the newly updated website’s launch in 2019, visits increased 30 percent, with more than 90,000 views of “How are veal calves raised?”. Visitors learned how milk-fed veal is raised today with no tethers and in group pens with space for calves to stand, move around and socialize with other calves.

Keeping Producers In-Step with Latest Tech and Tools for Antibiotic Use

The Beef Checkoff assisted in hosting the 8th Annual Antibiotic Symposium in Ames, Iowa, informing and educating industry leaders on what’s new in the rapidly changing science of antibiotic resistance. Producers are adapting and responding to the changes in the marketplace while continuing to provide a safe and abundant food supply. Beef producers were deeply engaged in the program, sharing their voices from the stage and adding valuable producer insights for cattlemen and women in video and podcast collaborations

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Producer insights and feedback helped shape several new tools now available for industry use, including resources designed to help improve communication with consumers in person and online. Producers expressed to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the Food and Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention how the animal-agriculture food supply is concerned with meeting consumers' needs, maintaining animal health and addressing public health concerns.

Food Influencers Experience A Revealing Farm Tour

Seven food writers saw first-hand how veal calves are raised. The Beef Checkoff hosted the tour, which included visiting multiple veal farms in Pennsylvania and Indiana. Each writer created online content after the tour, including recipes for their collective 500,000 followers.



Food influencers who have been exposed to veal production are able to better understand the dedication farmers have to raising healthy veal calves, following the gold standards of animal care set forth in the Veal Quality Assurance program and delivering a safe, quality meat to consumers. “It was absolutely eye- opening,” said one of the bloggers in a follow-up survey. “I learned so much. This experience leads to meaningful conversations with my followers and friends.”

Contractors Key


    American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture

  • CBB

    Cattlemen's Beef Board


    Foundation for Meat and Poultry Research and Education

  • KSU*

    Kansas State University

  • MICA

    Meat Import Council of America

  • NAMI

    North American Meat Institute

  • NCBA

    National Cattlemen’s Beef Association

  • NEBPI*

    Northeast Beef Promotion Initiative

  • NLPA

    National Livestock Producers Association

  • NIAA*

    National Institute for Animal Agriculture

  • USCA

    United States Cattlemen’s Association

  • USMEF*

    United States Meat Export Federation

Figures presented within this report are based on data compiled by individual contractors. Unless indicated otherwise, results are based on October 1, 2018 to September 30, 2019 data.