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Today, approximately 400 veal farms are located in the U.S. These veal producers also pay into the Beef Checkoff, which helps the Beef Checkoff-funded National Veal Program. Managed by the Beef Checkoff contractor, Meat Institute, and subcontractor New York Beef Council (NYBC), this team produces promotional campaigns and develops educational pieces to increase consumers’ interest and trust in veal.

Here’s how the consumer-facing brand Veal – Discover Delicious capitalizes on veal’s unique taste, value and versatility through social media, e-commerce and more.

E-Commerce Success

E-commerce continues to grow at a rapid pace. Looking at grocery data, projections indicate that e-commerce will make up 20 percent of the grocery market by 20261. The Veal – Discover Delicious team has capitalized on this growing trend of online food shopping.

In a partnership with Giant Eagle, a regional supermarket chain with more than 470 locations in Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Maryland and Indiana, a digital campaign beginning in March and running until the end of May encouraged consumers to purchase veal. More than 669,000 consumers explored veal options and 550 veal units were sold.

Social Media Impact

Veal – Discover Delicious also leverages social media to provide consumers with engaging content about veal meal solutions, nutrition information, preparation and veal versatility.

Last spring, the team launched its first TikTok ads, which were delivered to consumers more than 100,000 times, resulting in 1,282 link clicks to Across Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, digital ad campaigns also garnered impressive performance, with nearly 3,000 link clicks and more than 67,000 views.

The goal of these social media efforts is to attract veal customers to to explore recipes, receive veal information and purchase veal products. During the time period of April to June 2024, reached 42,531 unique users.

Homemade Partnership

Another fun, exciting tactic Veal – Discover Delicious is executing is a partnership with Homemade Cooking. Managed by professional chefs, Homemade Cooking offers free online cooking classes.

Beginning in March, Veal – Discover Delicious kicked off the 2024 Culinary Series with Homemade and featured four cooking classes: Herb-Crusted Rack of Veal, Green Chile Enchiladas, Banh Mi Burgers and Lemony Veal Schnitzel. The first class attracted 870 registered participants. In these classes, attendees not only learn how to cook a delicious recipe but also learn about the difference between veal and other beef products by emphasizing its tenderness and mild, adaptable flavor.

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Food Service Engagement

Veal – Discover Delicious also fosters relationships with chefs and food service partners and decision-makers to educate them about how to successfully utilize veal in their professional capacities.

One event in which Veal – Discover Delicious participated was the American Culinary Federation Webinar. Here, 110 chefs and culinary professionals listened to the Beef Checkoff’s veal team explain the ins and outs of the veal industry, veal cuts and price points, as well as how to incorporate veal into their menus.

It’s important that this group of professionals understand veal’s benefits and can advocate for the industry. At these events, attendees learn how veal is distinctive in the meat space. A three-ounce serving of cooked, trimmed, lean veal has just about 170 calories, making it one of the most nutrient-dense protein foods around2.

Also, veal provides 29 percent of the recommended daily intake of zinc, 36 percent of niacin and 23 percent of vitamin B-12. In short, it provides a fat and calorie profile similar to chicken but with the nutrient density of beef3.

Although veal represents a small portion of the protein market, it plays a significant role in the U.S. beef and dairy industries and helps contribute to the Beef Checkoff. As such, the Beef Checkoff actively works to share the progressive message of veal’s protein strength, versatility, transparency and sustainability.

To learn more about the National Veal Program and access educational resources, visit: