Googling Beef for Millennials

The first place millennial consumers look when searching for information about beef is Google – so, starting in May, the beef checkoff will up its presence with the search engine. With the upgrades, consumers who type in queries or keywords such as “how to grill,” “beef recipes,” “easy family meals” and “party appetizers” will be shown a series of links to appropriate websites. Search-engine advertising will place the checkoff’s flagship consumer website,, toward the top of the list of matching links. Search advertising is the most effective and efficient way to drive website traffic, and a high ranking will indicate to consumers that the checkoff website offers answers to their beef-related questions.

Enhancing Beef Desire via Mouthwatering Photos

The beef checkoff’s consumer-focused @Beef Twitter page is going beyond just sharing beef recipes, tips, techniques and meal inspiration. It now features mouthwatering beef pictures and visuals that play to consumers’ passion for beef and reinforce beef’s role in their everyday lives. For example, February 2014 was #HotBreakfastMonth, during which the checkoff educated consumers about how to include beef in any meal – including breakfast. In fact, one of the most popular tweets among the nearly 8,000 Twitter followers and their networks was the Beefy Sweet Potato Hash recipe.

For additional information, check out these sites:

Consumers can go to for beef tips, facts, nutrition information, recipes, contests, cookbook ordering information and the “Beef So Simple” newsletter.
Amateur cooks looking for the opportunity to test their beef recipes and try for big prizes at the National Beef Cook-Off can turn to  for contest information and a showcase of winning recipes.
Bilingual consumers can turn to, a consumer site in Spanish and English, for quick-and-easy beef recipes, nutrition information, and beef shopping, storage and cooking guides.
Foodservice professionals, including those in school foodservice, can go to  for with information about beef safety, cuts, facts and trends, as well as recipes and training materials.
Beef retailers can turn to for beef cut and product information, marketing research, and tips, instruction and tools for merchandising beef.
Professionals in foodservice, retail and manufacturing industries can go to to find beef product ideas and tools to make new products successful in the market.
Students competing in the National Beef Ambassador contest can click on  for rules and requirements of the contest, and for press releases and photos showcasing ambassador activities.
Veal information is available at or for information about veal, veal recipes, advice for cutting and preparing veal, and biographies and featured recipes from top chefs. 


Promotion - Archive

According to the Beef Act, promotion means any action aimed at advancing the image and desirability of beef and beef products with the express intent of improving the competitive position and stimulating sales of beef and beef products in the marketplace. Among checkoff programs in promotion are paid consumer advertising; retail and foodservice marketing; food-media communications; veal marketing; new-product development; beef recipe development; and other culinary initiatives.

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