Continued Success with New Promotions

Through Facebook carousel ads and promoted Facebook posts, the checkoff is not only reaching current “Beef. It’s What’s For Dinner” Facebook fans, but also new millennial consumers that might not have been previously exposed to the checkoff’s recipes, tips and beef information. This year, the carousel ads are helping to drive traffic to the Beef. It’s What’s For Dinner” website and the promoted posts help to bring together a larger community of beef lovers on social media. One of the recipes promoted, Beef Pupusas & Curtido Slaw, has reached more than 107,500 people and has nearly 7,000 likes, comments and shares.

Protein Challenge 2.0 Is Ready for Liftoff!

Last year’s successful checkoff campaign, called the 30-Day Protein Challenge, is set to relaunch in a bigger and even more impactful way in May 2016. The program is built around educating consumers on the benefits of consuming protein, including delicious beef, throughout the day, including breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. The initial FY15 campaign generated significant results for the checkoff, including more than 164,000 visits to the Protein Challenge “Beef. It’s What’s For Dinner.” website landing page. Last year’s campaign also sent out over 360,000 total emails, filled with tips, nutrition information and protein-focused beef recipes, to more than 14,600 consumers who signed up for the Protein Challenge email reminders. Consistent with last year’s program, this year’s iteration will use a variety of advertising tools to get the message out to target consumers – millennial parents – including Facebook and Twitter advertising, Google search advertising, banner ads and a special email marketing campaign. New to this year’s campaign is an option to choose between a daily email or weekly email reminder, a newly designed Protein Challenge landing page on, refreshed advertising materials and updated “tips and tricks” to help consumers reach their protein goals.

For additional information, check out these sites:

Consumers can go to for beef tips, facts, nutrition information, recipes, contests, cookbook ordering information and the “Beef So Simple” newsletter.
Amateur cooks looking for the opportunity to test their beef recipes and try for big prizes at the National Beef Cook-Off can turn to  for contest information and a showcase of winning recipes.
Bilingual consumers can turn to, a consumer site in Spanish and English, for quick-and-easy beef recipes, nutrition information, and beef shopping, storage and cooking guides.
Foodservice professionals, including those in school foodservice, can go to  for with information about beef safety, cuts, facts and trends, as well as recipes and training materials.
Beef retailers can turn to for beef cut and product information, marketing research, and tips, instruction and tools for merchandising beef.
Professionals in foodservice, retail and manufacturing industries can go to to find beef product ideas and tools to make new products successful in the market.
Students competing in the National Beef Ambassador contest can click on  for rules and requirements of the contest, and for press releases and photos showcasing ambassador activities.
Veal information is available at or for information about veal, veal recipes, advice for cutting and preparing veal, and biographies and featured recipes from top chefs. 


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