New Research Briefs

Several new research briefs were recently released with the aim to provide a starting place of shared understanding around the complexity of the question, “what is meat?” These research briefs provide an overview of the broad and inconsistent terminology of meat that causes confusion among scientists, consumers and even authorized dietary guidance committees. The briefs contain an abstract and link to the original published body of work in the October issue of Animal Frontiers. To access the Research Briefs, click here, then check the box ‘Research Briefs’ on the menu to the right.

Producer Profiling Project

To support the development of the 2017 Cattlemen’s Stewardship Review, 679 U.S. producers were surveyed about their attitudes, beliefs and operational dynamics within the fabric of American society and culture. Results show that American cattlemen differ widely in terms of their operation; however they share important commonalities: a focus on doing the right thing for their animals and being good land stewards to ensure a safe, wholesome and enjoyable product.

Additional Beef Checkoff Resources:

Consumers looking for nutrition and dietary information about beef can go to to order or download materials and research information, or find a schedule of nutrition events and seminars.
Consumers, producers and other industry professionals can go to for summaries of checkoff-funded research in the areas of beef safety, human nutrition, product enhancement and market research, projects which provide the foundation for checkoff programs in promotion, marketing, education, information and foreign marketing.
Safety is a priority of the beef industry and,  houses information about the Beef Industry Food Safety Council (BIFSCo), its discussions and meetings, an application to join the council, and consumer information about beef safety.
Finding new convenient cuts is one very successful way the checkoff has helped add value to the beef carcass over the years. In cooperation with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, is the industry’s primary beef cut resource.
Checkoff-funded Beef Quality Assurance program information is available at where you can find systematic information about coupling proper animal-husbandry techniques with accepted scientific knowledge to improve the quality of the end beef products.
Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE) is a misunderstood but potentially serious animal disease. For the most accurate information, turn to, an informational site housing current information regarding for consumers, producers and beef industry representatives.
While never occurring in the United States, is an informational site housing current information regarding foot-and-mouth disease for consumers, producers and beef industry representatives.