Stewardship Content Evaluation

The beef checkoff recently commissioned a quantitative research project by a third-party firm specializing in content evaluation. This study was set in motion to help address the consumers’ wants and interest in transparency. The checkoff created several pieces of content that were put into testing, including five videos and one infographic. The objectives of each piece of content were unique in topic area and purpose. While all of the tested pieces of content showed strong potential to shift consumer concerns, one in particular seemed to rise to the surface across all attributes. “Sustainability at the Feedyard” was able to decrease consumer concern about sustainability by more than 16 percent. The video also showed potential to decrease other areas of concern that were not addressed in the video and appealed to the more general consumer. One of the most notable takeaways from the video was that interest among consumers grew throughout its entirety, something not often seen. By conducting content evaluations such as this, checkoff program staff are able to identify the potential of content to influence consumers as well as look for any necessary revisions before pushing out the content to consumers and influencers.