Exploring Cooking-Steak Fails

Beef Checkoff conducted market research study on why consumers fail at cooking beef steaksPositive beef-eating experiences are critical to overall satisfaction with beef, but if you have experienced a not-so-perfect steak cooking at home, you’re not alone because so have some beef-loving millennial consumers. That’s why the checkoff conducted an exploratory qualitative market research study to understand better why consumers fail at cooking beef steaks. Phase one of two phases comprised observation of consumers at the grocery store, followed by in-home cooking observations of consumers cooking their steaks of choice. Phase two hosted mini focus groups that included steak-cooking demonstrations by the checkoff’s culinary team. Because one of the main challenges turns out to be determining their preferred doneness level, the checkoff shared tips with consumers about how to cook a steak – both on the stovetop and on the grill – to their desired level of doneness. Overall, consumers gained confidence in cooking steak at home, and the checkoff identified priorities for areas for communication to all consumers.

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