Amelia Kent, Louisiana

Amelia Kent and her husband Russell own and operate their farm which includes a cow-calf operation as well as replacement heifers and stockers. They are diversifying their beef operation by marketing their own grass-fed beef and rose veal, but the bread-and-butter of the farm is the cow-calf operation.

"We need to think not only about our marketing environment today, but also think about the beef industry in the future,” says Kent. "There is huge market potential for U.S. beef internationally, and we need to be ready to engage and promote our beef in those markets.

"In fiscal year 2016, the Beef Board invested $7.2 million in our export growth programs, which is primarily managed by the U.S. Meat Export Federation. These efforts alone add more than $250 per head to our animals."

Watch AmeliaClick here for the full video from Amelia's farm in Louisiana.