Clay Burtrum, Oklahoma

Clay BurtrumClay Burtrum and his family own Burtrum Cattle LLC, a cow-calf and stocker operation near Stillwater, Okla. Clay understands that the Beef Checkoff Program provides the tools and training for producers to deliver safe, wholesome beef to consumers.

“The checkoff-funded Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) program is second nature to our operation,” says Clay. “Being close to a university, we employ students to help on the ranch, and they’re all BQA trained in the proper ways of handling and working cattle in a safe, friendly environment.”

Burtrum PhotoClay’s daughter understands the importance of BQA practices, too. “While helping us work cattle and watching several calves leave the chute, she said, ‘Dad, why don’t you put a mat out here in front?’ The mat has helped reduce slippage as the calves leave the chute and that keeps them calm.

“In each and every aspect of our operation, we strive for excellence and to make our operation better every day,” Clay says. “Bottom line ¯ we work for the consumer, and we have to make sure we’re meeting the standards of that consumer. BQA helps us do that.”

Watch Clay

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