Logan Bower, Pennsylvania

Logan BowerPerry County, Pennsylvania, is home to Logan Bower and his Pleasant View Farms, a 550-cow dairy with 550 replacement heifers and 750 cropland acres of corn silage, alfalfa hay and pasture. Bower and his dairy were recognized as the checkoff’s 2012 national Dairy Beef Quality Assurance Award winner. That seems fitting, as Logan was an early leader in the dairy beef quality assurance program, serving with other dairy leaders to develop the Dairy Animal Care & Quality Assurance (DACQA) manual.

“The DACQA initiative helped our dairy fine-tune our animal care by helping me train our employees in low-stress animal handling techniques, proper injection site locations and other Beef Quality Assurance practices,” says Logan. “And if you’re going to promote a program, you should start with yourself and lead by example.

“This checkoff-funded program provides me tools to focus on motivating, training and empowering people who work for me. Ultimately, how people care for our animals is reflected not only in the quality of milk but also in the quality of beef produced.”

Watch Logan

Click here to hear more from Logan about the importance of the beef checkoff and Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) to his dairy.