Producer Communications

Telling the Checkoff Story

In the fourth quarter of FY 17, Pennsylvania producer and chair of the BQA Advisory Group Dan Kniffen is serving as the face of the beef checkoff. Through producer communications, he's sharing messages about the 2016 National Beef Quality Audit and Beef Quality Assurance. In addition to videossocial media sharing, newsletters, and an integrated national print and digital advertising effort, the campaign drives beef-checkoff investors to a larger landing page for the quarter.

Pass It On! Driggers Cattle Company

Driggers Cattle Company spans four counties in North and South Carolina. As natural beef producers, Jamie says the checkoff helps create marketing opportunities for them, and the chance to pass it on to the next generation.


For additional information, check out these sites:

This site, at either or is the official site of the Cattlemen’s Beef Promotion and Research Board, offering information about the Beef Board, checkoff programs, and compliance with the national Beef Promotion Act and Order, as well as financial information about the Beef Board.
U.S. Department of Agriculture’s oversight role in the Beef Checkoff Program is explained at This includes USDA media releases and market research regarding the checkoff, as well as the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture appointments to the Beef Board.
The decision-making process, the discussions and recommendations made during Beef Board and other checkoff-related meetings and conferences are chronicled in the Meeting Center on this site to assure a transparent process open to producers who pay into the checkoff.

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