your investment is opening new doors for beef

Nutritional Research Helps Change Consumer Perception

Research has always played an important role in the checkoff's ability to respond to changing consumer demands. With more lean cuts available than ever before, beef gives consumers the high nutritional value they’re looking for, with a relatively low calorie count."It's important for checkoff dollars to be using research money for nutrition because that is the reason we eat beef," says Ruskamp. "Sure we like the taste, the flavor and the smell, but if it's not good for us, consumers aren't going to buy it."

Opening doors for consumers looking for nutritious eating choices

Energy, Nutrition and Variety - Beef is the Total Package

What Should Eating Right Look Like?

The Beef WISE Study

Your Checkoff Investment At Work

Beef's Big 10

Beef For Aging Adults

Many Factors Impacting Domestic Beef Demand

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