Beef Checkoff Launches New Beef Promotion Campaign

Consumers have a lot of questions about beef production. And sometimes the answers they get don’t reflect the real story – your story. That’s what the new checkoff-funded online advertising campaign, “Rethink the Ranch” is all about – telling your story.

Rethink The Ranch Anthem Campaign

This new campaign puts a genuine face on the beef industry by sharing real life moments of six producer-families across the country.

So, while you are focusing on managing your operation, your checkoff investment is working for you helping consumers rethink how beef goes from your pasture to their plate. SHARE this video today!

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Beef Checkoff Shows Consumers How You Are Raising Beef With Care

No one needs to tell you how much care, work and dedication goes into producing the world’s best beef! But you know who does need to hear it – just about everyone else!

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Managing Cattle From the Sky

We are using our #RethinkTheRanch campaign to help consumers gain a better understanding of how cattle producers are using advanced technology to benefit their businesses and the environment.

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Creating a Lasting Legacy

It is important that consumers understand how committed producers are to serving as faithful stewards of the environment and the valuable natural resources that have been entrusted to them.

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Your Beef Checkoff is Helping Consumers Rethink the Ranch

Promoting beef has become more complicated than it was in 1992 when your beef checkoff kicked off the “Beef. It’s What’s for Dinner.” brand. That’s why “Rethink the Ranch” was born.


New Beef Its Whats For Dinner

The new website is a one-stop shop for everything that consumers and influencer audiences want to know about beef.


Lifecycle Infographic

The checkoff launched this graphic to show consumers the many hands at work to get beef from pasture to plate.


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