New Beef Demand Indices

Beef demand is critical to understand and monitor as it directly influences overall beef industry prosperity. When beef demand strengthens, beef and cattle prices for the entire industry are higher than they otherwise would be. Watch the following video that explains, "What is beef demand?"

A beef checkoff-funded study by Glynn T. Tonsor, Kansas State University, and Ted. C. Schroeder, Kansas State University, recently examined feasibility of developing new foodservice and grocery store beef demand indices.

Retail Demand Indices Update

2016 Executive Summary

2016 Full Report

A Regional Case Study

Beef Checkoff Press Release

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Glynn Tonsor Audio: Why new beef demand indices? Tonsor Audio: The difference between supply and demand Tonsor Audio:  He explains what the research found Tonsor Audio:  How the beef industry can use this research Tonsor Audio: What have we learned?




Understanding Beef Demand

Cattle industry

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"BEEF DEMAND: Recent Determinants and Future Drivers" is a 2013 study commissioned by the Beef Checkoff Program to summarize the current knowledge of consumer demand for beef and identify the best opportunities for the industry to influence demand positively.

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