Livestock Auctions: A Win for Everyone!


… that livestock markets play a critical role in the Beef Checkoff Program?

Indeed, they do. And we believe it’s important for all cattle producers and importers who pay the $1-per-head assessment to understand the role of livestock markets in developing programs of beef promotion, research and information.

You see, the more than 1,000 fixed-facility livestock auction markets across the country have helped maintain checkoff compliance by serving as “collecting points” for beef-checkoff assessments since the inception of the national checkoff program. They collect the dollar on all sales that go through their markets and submit those checkoff dollars to their state beef council, which sends 50 cents of each dollar on to the Beef Board for national programs.

Those are the actions of a great checkoff partner, for sure!

Who Uses Livestock Markets?

Fixed-facility auction markets help maintain beef checkoff complianceResults of producer attitude surveys funded through the checkoff regularly show that more than 80 percent of cattle producers say they market at least some of their animals through auction markets. So clearly, these livestock markets are important to the industry overall, in addition to being vital to the Beef Checkoff Program.

According to annual reports of the Grain Inspection Packers & Stockyards Administration (GIPSA), the number of cattle sold through these auction markets has varied from an annual low of about 31 million head to a high of about 38 million, with the latest on record being 33+ million in 2013.

If we take the average number of market sales for 30 years, at $1 per head, that’s nearly $1 billion dollars in checkoff collections! And that’s nearly $1 billion dollars toward “Beef. It’s What’s for Dinner” promotions; extensive research into beef safety, human nutrition, beef quality and new-product development; education and consumer information; the Beef and Veal Quality Assurance programs, and more.

Thank You!

We’re proud to honor livestock market owners and operators for their role in the checkoff process. These market operators deserve a sincere THANK YOU! from all checkoff investors -- beef and dairy producers -- for the uncompensated work they do. We couldn’t do it without them!