Did You Know ...

Did you know ...

... that, driven by steak, beef volume sales in foodservice increased 4 percent, or 49 million pounds, year-on-year in 2012? Steak remains king of the consumer plate, over competing proteins -- and that’s good news for producers’ bottom lines. In fact, steak  is not only what’s for dinner these days, but also for lunch, breakfast, bar menus and more, thanks to innovations perfected through your checkoff-funded culinary center and Beef Innovations Group. And while beef prices might experience seasonal fluctuation, demand for beef at all price levels remains high because your checkoff helps you keep beef products in tune with consumer demands for things like convenience, nutrition, taste, value and tenderness. Behind the numbers is a simple, timeless point:  Nothing satisfies like beef.

... that your checkoff has helped get six beef cuts approved for the American Heart Association’s Heart-Check mark, which is proven to increase consumer interest in the products. In-store sales data reveals that inclusion of the Heart-Check mark on packaging boosts incremental sales an average of 5 percent, when certified products are complemented by supporting point-of-sale and merchandising like the checkoff provides. Nearly 75 percent of shoppers say the Heart-Check mark improves the likelihood that they will purchase a product. The six beef cuts that meet the Heart Association's certification criteria  are: boneless top sirloin petite roast; top sirloin filet; top sirloin kabob; top sirloin steak; top sirloin stir-fry; bottom round steak; and sirloin tip steak.

... that your beef checkoff continues to explore, develop, and market new processing methods, cuts, and uses for the carcass? This keeps your beef “fresh and exciting” with an anticipated 20 new on-trend and ethnically diverse recipes, uses and ideas expected this fiscal year! The checkoff’s culinary team works closely with grocers, butchers, school foodservice personnel and restaurant operators to educate them about the new cuts and provide tips and tools for sharing them with consumers.

... that providing 30-minute nutritious meal solutions  is just one of the things that your checkoff is doing to show millennials how beef can fit into their lifestyle? The checkoff also motivates foodservice chefs and other professionals to sell more beef by providing them with a steady flow of knowledge, fact-based information and inspiration to keep their menus alive and active with beef. This includes new opportunities for preparing beef, through preparation methods, new flavor combinations and profiles, and new equipment and appliances.

... that your checkoff’s “Easy Fresh Cooking” labels provide recipe, cookery and safe-handling information in one convenient on-pack sticker  on fresh beef products? The labels are proven to build consumer confidence in purchasing a wider variety of beef cuts:  72 percent of shoppers say they have bought a product because of the on-pack marketing, and 46 percent say they are more likely to purchase new or different cuts as a result. Easy Fresh Cooking takes the guess work out of the meat case, making beef easier to shop for and easier to stock. More than 10,000 stores nationwide use the checkoff program or a similar customized offshoot of it.

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Click here for a video with Bruce Dopslauf, Texas, about the importance of the beef checkoff and new products and cookery.