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Welcome to the home of your Beef Checkoff Program! As you know, your checkoff is invested in a variety of promotion, research and information programs, and we wanted to give you some additional details about checkoff investments in safeguarding the beef industry, as well as offer you access to extensive information about all checkoff programs through MyBeefCheckoff.com.

Safeguarding the Beef Industry

You’ve seen the headlines about “factory farming” and generalizations about farmers treating their animals poorly and ruining the environment. You also know so many of them are not based on fact, so you do your best to correct them when you see them in your local paper or hear them on your local radio station.

The question is, how can individual ranchers or farmers mount a national campaign for the truth about their industry? The answer? Through their investments in the Beef Checkoff Program. That’s because the checkoff pools dollars from assessments in rural areas nationwide to invest in programs that safeguard you and your industry from misinformation Orion Samuelson talks dairy beef with Nancy thomas at world dairy expoand myths often promulgated by groups or individuals who might not have your best interest at heart.

Get the Facts About Beef

Toward that end, your checkoff provides consumers and media outlets in highly populated areas with accurate information about how you raise your animals and about the nutritional benefits of making beef part of their healthy diets. We know producers share a common commitment to thoughtfully raising cattle to provide consumers with tender, delicious, healthful and safe beef and beef products, and that’s the message your checkoff is sending through efforts including:

  • A “Masters of Beef Advocacy” (MBA) program, which teaches producers what they need to know to respond to misinformation in the media or in discussions at establishments or meetings in their areas.
  • Information sheets that help producers use science and other facts and figures to help explain the realities of their industry to consumers. The cover topics including the environment, animal care, beef safety, and nutrition.
  • Provision of information about the topics above, to media and trade organizations around the globe. That included calls to more than 250 reporters with positive beef messages in Fiscal 2009, as well as nearly 290 million media impressions related to beef nutrition.
  • Analysis and response to media reports about the beef industry, including analysis of nearly 4,600 beef reports in the latest fiscal year.

Become Part of the Solution

As quickly becomes clear, critical to that public relations and safeguarding program – sometimes called ‘issues management’ – is you, the producer. After all, who better to tell your story? The checkoff depends on you to do just that, and you can see how that comes out in the wash by visiting www.factsaboutbeef.com, where you’ll find stories from various farmers and ranchers about how they run their operations on a daily basis. You’ll also find additional general information for consumers about the various aspects of modern agriculture – like facts about the makeup of the industry, animal care, beef safety, and environmental protection. Take a look and become part of the solution by sharing your story the next time you read or hear misinformation that’s harmful to your reputation as a member of the beef industry!

For additional information about your beef checkoff, visit www.MyBeefCheckoff.com.