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Earth Day Social Sharing

In honor of Earth Day, Beef. It’s What’s For Dinner. shared content and leveraged blog posts from beef advocates in the ag space to educate consumers on beef’s efforts for continuous improvement. A social media campaign was effective in reaching consumers with sustainability messaging reaching over 290k people and garnering over 20k engagements.

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Protein Intakes from Complementary Foods Can Impact Infant Growth

A checkoff co-funded study, recently published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, evaluated the effect of beef and pork protein in complementary foods on growth of healthy, term, formula-fed infants (recruited from the metropolitan Denver area). After 7 months of consuming beef and pork-based complementary foods, the 12-month-old infants had similar weight gain, but more linear growth compared to infants who consumed conventional complementary foods. This study provides additional support that beef can be a healthful first food for infants during the complementary feeding period.

AR 1810-R, Tactic 2A, Nutrition Research and Scientific Affairs 

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Nutrition Seminar Program 2018

The Nutrition Seminar Program has secured 25 speakers to present on nutrition- and health-focused topics in 35 states. The primary themes this year focus on strength, sustainability and strong starts. Most of these events are held at state academy of nutrition and dietetics meetings; however, 4 speakers have been secured to present at meetings where the audience is primarily medical doctors (family physicians, specifically). The topics are Strength-focused, including the Power of Protein, Sports Nutrition, Chronic Disease Prevention and Management, Family-Focused and School Nutrition, Lifecycle Nutrition and Obesity and Weight Management.

AR 1822-CI, Tactic 2A, Food, Health and Agriculture Key Opinion Leader Engagement

Beef and Veal in the Classroom

The 2018 Beef & Veal in the Culinary Classroom program launched on January 1 and will run until June 30.  Applications were received from fourteen different culinary schools in ME, NH, VT, MA, CT, NY, PA, MD and DE.  The program is expected to reach over 700 students, a record thus far.  Funded in part by the South Dakota Beef Industry Council, the Beef & Veal in the Culinary Classroom program ensures post-secondary culinary students can receive hands-on beef cutting and cooking experience and are able to receive the checkoff funded educational materials; the Beef Cuts for Foodservice and Beef Basics booklets and the True Beef DVD.

AR 1821-CI, Tactic 1A, Channel Influencer Outreach

Beefing Up MA School Lunch

The beef checkoff through partnership from the Colorado Beef Council became an Industry Member with the School Nutrition Meeting of Massachusetts (SNA-MA) and exhibited at their annual meeting and food show hosted Tuesday, Oct 17, in Worcester, MA. The checkoff booth was a hit among attendees featuring the “Kid-Friendly Foodservice” recipe bar, Wrangler’s Beef Chili samples and hosted Liz Weiss, RD of Liz’s Healthy Table, to engage with attendees. Attendees raved about the chili samples while Liz and staff talked through a variety of ways to change up the chili recipe with spice variations, serving atop noodles or potatoes or hosting a toppings bar to engage students. Of those polled, 83% stated they were “more likely to serve beef to their students” and 17% were “just as likely to serve beef to their students over other proteins,” after engaging with the checkoff. 100% of those taking the survey also had a positive opinion rating of beef stating either “The positives of beef strongly outweighed the negatives,” or “The positives of beef somewhat outweighed the negatives.”

AR 1821-CI, Tactic 2A, Nutrition Influencer Outreach

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