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New Op-Ed Published by Dr. Sara Place

An article was recently published on Medium, titled “Latest study confirms an animal-free food system is not holistically sustainable,” by Dr. Sara Place, senior director, sustainable beef production research, at NCBA, a contractor to the beef checkoff. In the article, Dr. Place explains how the latest research shows that an animal-free food system is not holistically sustainable and notes the important role livestock such as cattle play in our sustainable food system. The article is live and sharing is encouraged.

AR 1810-R, Tactic 1A, Sustainability Research and Scientific Affiars

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New Cuts for the New Year

"New cuts of meat" was named a top food trend for 2018, so the Beef. It's What's For Dinner. earned media team worked with chefs and meat scientists to create a list of five innovative cuts of beef that consumers should know. These cuts were highlighted in a nationally distributed news release that reached more than 76 million consumers.

AR 1822-CI, Tactic 2C, Earned Media and Media Relations Efforts

Bologna Propels Jacksonville Jaguars to the NFL Playoffs

After Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Doug Marrone announced in a press conference that bologna is his favorite food, the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council and Beef Checkoff sprung to action, sending the team 100 logs of beef bologna so that each coach and player could enjoy some. The bologna delivery was announced in a press release sent to national and local media. Once the delivery was received, the Jaguars chose to donate it to a local food bank and the story received so much attention that the team added bologna sandwiches to their concessions stand menu on game days. The sandwiches sold out before half-time.


  • 400 media stories generating 350 million impressions. Covered in many national outlets including ESPN, Fox Sports, CBS Sports, NBC Sports, Associated Press and USA Today.
  • 5 million twitter impressions from 960 tweets including tweets from the Jaguars and ESPN reporters.

AR 1801-P, Tactic 1B, Key Opinion Leader Outreach

New Culinary Concept "Beefshi" Launched

Beefshi is an innovative, new sushi-style concept that features convenient beef products like pastrami, roast beef, summer sausage, hot dogs, corned beef and bologna prepared in rolls with rice and vegetables. Beefshi recipes taste as good as they look and can be enjoyed individually as an appetizer or grouped together as a full meal. In an online survey, consumers said this novel food concept is just as appealing as traditional and familiar Sushi, suggesting that millions of potential fans are eager to sample Beefshi.

The Beefshi launch generated over 788,000 impressions with a reach of 480,996 and an engagement of 294,494.

AR 1081-P, Tactic 1A, Consumer Outreach

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On The Farm STEM Events

The Fort Worth On the Farm beef event was held March 26-28th engaging 37 key STEM education influencers from across the country. AFBFA worked closely with Texas State Beef Council, Texas Farm Bureau, Texas Agriculture in the Classroom and past On the Farm beef event participants to facilitate this event which provided hands-on experiences in the beef industry for education leaders. Pre and post data is currently being compiled. Here’s a quick taste of what participants had to say:

“Out of 25 years of professional development programs this was by far the best. Hands on, applicable, down to earth and fun”

“I came in with a certain set of expectations and this changed the way I thought about parts of the beef industry. I learned much more than I ever knew.”

“This was an amazing experience that impacted me both personally and educationally. It left me with a sense of duty to redeliver the messages learned throughout the conference to my colleagues and most importantly my students.”

AR 1820- CI, Tactic 1A, On The Farm STEM Events

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Beef Education Leadership

AFBFA hosted the second annual Beef Education Stakeholders Summit on February 1st in conjunction with the Beef Industry Convention. Beef industry leaders invested in beef education efforts were invited to attend to have a collaborative discussion about current resources and future opportunities. The National Agriculture in the Classroom Organization engaged in the discussion virtually, to foster discussion about continued outreach with beef education initiatives.

AFBFA is currently piloting new beef education resources. Contact Angela at if you are interested in more information.

AR 1820-CI, Tactic 1D, Management and Promotion of Resources and Relationships.

Women's Meat Retreat

The Beef Checkoff, through its Northeast Beef Promotion Initiative was a sponsor of the 2nd annual, Northeast Women in Meat Conference held in Petersham, Mass., at Harvard Forest.  Approximately 39 women attended the 2-day event to broaden their knowledge base of processing beef and pork.  Attendees were all from the Northeast region and their backgrounds ranged from small-scale meat processors and butchers to culinary instructors and retail buyers.  The conference included a Master Class in Beef Butchery lead by Chicago, IL based, Kari Underly.  Underly lead the attendees through an in-depth breakdown of a beef carcass, highlighting the new beef value cuts from the chuck and under-utilized cuts from the round.   

AR 1821- CI, Tactic 1A- Channel Infulencer Outreach

Pandora Radio Advertising

We know that the modern consumer is getting more and more tech-savvy and tech-dependent. Therefore, we've gotten creative with ways to reach our Northeast Consumers in places they already are spending time with. Pandora is a radio streaming platform (both available via desktop and mobile-devices) with 81 million active users as of 2016. It is important to note that most of Pandora's active users and within the United States. Other streaming services like Spotify have a large following, however many are overseas.  We launched a Northeast-targeted Pandora ad campaign on December 1st, it will run through May 31, 2018. The audience we are targeting through this 5-month campaign is 18-34-year-old listeners located within CT, DE, MA, MD, ME, NH, NJ, NY PA, RI and VT.  Ad creative for the campaign will include the Checkoff’s ‘Elegant Made Easy,’ “Win at the Table’ and the ‘Rethink the Ranch’ assets.  A grant from the Virginia Beef Industry Council is enabling this campaign to run an additional month until the end of May.

AR 1821-Ci, Tactic 1B, Consumer Outreach

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