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Image 1   We hope you’ve seen the Rethink the Ranch video that was produced by your checkoff. The video tells the story about the hard-working men and women who produce beef, as it re-introduces consumers to our iconic brand: Beef. It’s What’s for Dinner. The brand is celebrating its 25th anniversary. To go hand-in-hand with the consumer efforts, Producer Communications is sharing with you the video and re-launch of BeefItsWhatsforDinner.com.

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Beef Checkoff News to Share

If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s a behind-the-scenes video that came from the work your checkoff did this past summer to develop the “Rethink the Ranch” campaign. The campaign shows some of the farmers and ranchers who raise beef and how that beef is raised today so consumers will better understand what you do!

The campaign will take a breather during the holidays (because the focus then will be on great beef recipes), but look for more great video in the spring.

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Showing You Care

No one needs to tell you how much care, work and dedication goes into producing the world’s best beef! But you know who DOES need to hear it – just about everyone else! And when we say everyone, we mean those folks who enjoy beef on the dinner table, at a tailgate party or when they go out for a nice meal to celebrate with family and friends.

Showing consumers you care is just part of your beef checkoff’s #RethinkTheRanch media campaign.

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In Case You Missed It

The new “True Beef: Pasture to Plate” educator’s guide continues to be downloaded! Read about it in the October 6, 2017 Checking In On The Checkoff, which focuses on current activities and results from the checkoff-funded CONSUMER INFORMATION budget category.

DYK the 7th Antibiotic Symposium just wrapped up? Read about it in the October 13, 2017 Checking In On The Checkoff. This edition features current activities and results from the checkoff-funded INDUSTRY INFORMATION budget category.

The October 20, 2017 Checking In On The Checkoff features current activities and results from the checkoff-funded FOREIGN MARKETING budget category, including a story about how the beef checkoff introduced U.S. beef to Romania.

Producer Communications is kicking off a new digital ad campaign! Read about it in the November 3, 2017 Checking In On The Checkoff. This edition features current activities and results from the checkoff-funded PRODUCER COMMUNICATIONS budget category.

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Informing Producers in Your State

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