Lean Beef Promotes Weight Loss

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Suggested Lead:  Higher-protein diets are becoming more and more popular as people seek new ways to achieve weight loss that will also keep them feeling full and satisfied.(1) Dr. Holly Wyatt, Associate Professor of Medicine at the University of Colorado and co-author of State of Slim, is the medical director for the State of Slim weight loss program at the Anschutz Health and Wellness Center in Aurora, Colorado.

Dr. Wyatt notes that a new checkoff-funded study, known as Beef WISE (Weight Improvement, Satisfaction and Energy), shows that lean beef can be as effective as other proteins for weight loss potential.(2)

(Audio clip #1 -- :23) “In terms of my experience with it, I think people can be very successful at losing weight and maintaining a healthy body weight using lean beef. It’s always been part of the program and I was really glad that we got to do this study so we could kind of prove that so when people say stuff like ‘you shouldn’t be eating beef – it’s going to maybe get in the way of you losing some weight,’ we now have a study to point to and say no, that’s not true.”

Dr. Wyatt encourages everyone to share the good news about beef’s role in weight loss.

(Audio clip #2 -- :15) “I think there are some myths out there, so it’s great to get this message out there. I think the program works, and that’s the biggest thing. So, people have been losing weight and eating beef. That in and of itself I think is really a great message and something that we hope to spread.”

Dr. Wyatt says the rules are simple:  you need accountability and structure.

(Audio clip #3 -- :19) “Part of what I talk about is living the lifestyle yourself. I mean, that’s just as important. Yes, we talked about beef being part of it, but are you walking the walk? Are you being authentic? Are you able to do what we’re trying to do across the country and live a lifestyle that’s healthy and kind of live in your own state of slim?”

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