Nutrition Research Says Keep Beef on the Menu!

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Suggested Lead:  Dr. James Hill, director of the Colorado Nutrition and Obesity Center at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, says that new checkoff-funded nutrition research called the Beef WISE Study (Weight Improvement, Satisfaction and Energy) – which follows the State of Slim(1) comprehensive weight management program – shows that lean beef can help people lose weight while maintaining lean muscle and supporting heart health.

(Audio clip #1 -- :24) “People come to us with questions, and one of the questions they’ve always had was, ‘Well, I read that maybe I shouldn’t eat beef.’ We had always been recommending beef because we have a high-protein diet, but we thought well that’s worth looking at. So, let’s actually do a study to see if in fact if eating beef, or not eating beef, makes a difference with weight loss.”

Dr. Hill says the study showed you would still lose the same amount of weight while eating beef.

(Audio clip #2 -- :41) “We took 120 people, which is quite a few people, and we randomized them to two groups. They both went through the same weight loss program for 16 weeks. In one case, they ate beef, and in the other case, they had no beef – no lean red meat. And what we found, our hypothesis going into it was there would be no difference. We didn’t think there would be a difference. And we found exactly the same weight loss on both diets. So the answer is whether you eat beef or don’t eat beef, it makes no difference in weight loss. If you enjoy beef, it’s perfectly fine to eat beef during weight loss.”

Dr. Hill says the research findings are very positive news.

(Audio clip #3 -- :37) “The secret to the weight loss is actually being able to make and sustain behavior changes. We can give people a diet, but it’s sticking with that diet. And that’s actually one of the reasons why we think it’s important to look at this because oftentimes during weight loss we’re asking people to do things that are really difficult for them to do. Exercise, to eat a little bit less, but eating beef’s not hard to do. In fact, people like eating beef. So finding out that eating beef fits very well into a weight loss program is a really good thing, both for us and the people going through weight loss.”

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(1) Hill JO, Wyatt H, Aschwanden C. State of Slim: Fix Your Metabolism and Drop 20 Pounds in 8 Weeks on the Colorado Diet. New York: Rodale Books, 2013.

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