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Image 1   This July, the beef checkoff hosted a “Be Your Own Butcher” Facebook Live event from the “Beef. It’s What’s For Dinner.” Culinary Center. The event featured a hands-on cutting demo by in-house meat scientist Bridget Wasser. Bridget educated the “Beef. It’s What’s For Dinner.” Facebook community on how to save at the meat case by purchasing a whole tenderloin and cutting strips, steaks, kabobs, and medallions at home.

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Beef had an impressive presence at the New Balance Falmouth Road Race. Events like this allow the checkoff to engage directly with consumers, including athletes, to highlight beef’s taste and nutritional benefits as well as cooking techniques. Checkoff-funded research in the Northeast shows that consumers are interested in making changes to improve the healthiness of their lifestyle. Interacting face-to-face with them helps get their nutrition and cooking questions answered.

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Beef advocates are gearing up for back-to-school season with a new resource for high school instructors. Read about it in the September 1, 2017 Checking In On The Checkoff. This week’s edition features current activities and results from the checkoff-funded INDUSTRY INFORMATION budget category.

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Click to Tweet: Great job #beef farmers & ranchers! #NBQA2016 results revealed less severe carcass bruises. Read more! @NationalBQA goo.gl/PfHkMR

Click to Tweet: #NBQA2016 data shows #beef producers doing better to avoid injection site lesions. RT to share! @NationalBQA  https://cards.twitter.com/cards/pstb5/4ok3m

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