Reaching Consumers With Beefy Messages

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Click here to download the audio file. (0:00 – 0:42) Did You Know ... This July, the beef checkoff hosted a “Be Your Own Butcher” Facebook Live event from the “Beef. It’s What’s For Dinner.” Culinary Center? The event featured a hands-on cutting demo by in-house meat scientist Bridget Wasser. Bridget educated the “Beef. It’s What’s For Dinner.” Facebook community on how to save at the meat case by purchasing a whole tenderloin and cutting strips, steaks, kabobs and medallions at home. This event reached nearly 140,000 consumers on the Facebook platform, with more than 38,000 views and 1,300 engagements (likes, comments, shares) – the highest performing Facebook Live event to date. To learn more about your checkoff investment, visit

Click here to download the audio file. (0:00 – 0:45) Did You Know ... Consumers across the U.S. are showing a definite interest in beef, as evidenced by their enthusiasm for delicious and nutritious checkoff-funded recipes? In fact, since the beginning of the fiscal year (October 2016), has circulated more than 1.4 million recipes and counting, a marked increase over the website’s recipe dissemination goal (1.15 million recipes). Some of the more recently popular recipes – such as the Basil Beef Asian Pasta Stir-Fry, Steak Kabobs & Wild Rice with Mushrooms, and the Hearty Steak and Bean Chili – all offer consumers the instruction they need to confidently create the perfect meal for their friends and family. To learn more about your checkoff investment, visit

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