Beef Briefs: The Truth About Antibiotics...And More!

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cattlemen working at chuteThe Truth About Antibiotics

Antibiotics are just one tool that can be used by cattle farmers to ensure the health of the animals they care for. Cattlemen work with their veterinarian to develop a preventative herd health plan including routine vaccinations to promote strong immunity against common cattle diseases. Check out this great resource explaining antibiotic use in cattle.

Did You Know ...

... your checkoff funds events in the Middle East, such as a recent training seminar for chefs in Beirut, in response to the need felt by upper-end restaurants for cost efficiency that doesn’t compromise taste and quality? And do you know what the answer is? U.S. beef!

Read more about how this event taught chefs and buyers how various muscle cuts can be profitable and delicious additions to their menus.

French cuisineWorking With Japanese Hotels and Restaurants

Did you know your checkoff spent time with 60 Japanese chefs to show them how to successfully cook five U.S. beef cuts in delicious French dishes? Learn more about how these events are part of a well-designed strategy to help educate on the use of high-quality U.S. Beef!

Ensuring Beef Tenderness

“...the results from this study again demonstrate how checkoff research and beef supply chain improvements continue to enhance the consumer’s eating experience.”

  • National Beef Tenderness Survey

Read more about the findings of the National Beef Tenderness Survey.

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