Beef Briefs: March 2016

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Antibiotic Stewardship White Paper Available

The issue of antibiotic resistance is complex and has been the topic of discussion for several years. At this year's antibiotic symposium (Antibiotic Stewardship: From Metrics to Management), funded in part by the beef checkoff, experts and other stakeholders gathered to continue the conversation.

Access the 2015 Antibiotics Symposium White Paper here.

Engaging with Millennial Consumers

The beef checkoff continues to be a force when it comes to reaching consumers through the social-media platforms they visit most. The “Beef. It’s What’s For Dinner.” Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest pages continuously share the good news about beef and help consumers choose the right beef for any meal time. This includes recipe inspiration, cooking tips and nutrition information, which have helped grow the checkoff’s Facebook following to nearly 1 million consumers! Be sure to follow “Beef. It’s What’s for Dinner.” to see all the great information and share it further.

Coming Soon to “Beef. It’s What’s For Dinner.”

The checkoff-funded “Beef. It’s What’s For Dinner.” website is launching a new landing page focused on slow-cooker methods for preparing beef. One look at Pinterest, and it’s clear that the slow cooker is back on trend, with millennial parents relying on the convenience and ease of the slow cooker for a variety of meals throughout the week. The new landing page will serve as a content hub (with a similar look and feel to the Family Mealtimes landing page) of all things slow cooker – including the best cuts for slow cooking, a slow-cooker recipe collection, and inspirational “no recipe-recipe” videos for the slow cooker. Google search advertising and social media promotion, including as Facebook and Twitter advertising, will help drive consumers to the new hub.

Giving Lessons in U.S. Beef

The beef checkoff funded a team of Japanese food journalists from prominent Japanese publications in a farm-to-fork tour of the U.S. beef industry. The checkoff strategy in Japan includes educating end-users and consumers about the unique quality and nutritional attributes of U.S. beef. The opening of Japan to U.S. beef from cattle less than 30 months of age has helped boost exports to this key market, and the journalists went home with stories about American ranching and high-quality steakhouses. Get details at Farm-to-Fork.

Celebrating Singapore Market Opening

Upon Singapore opening its market to boneless and bone-in U.S. beef from cattle of all ages, the checkoff helped fund a “Welcome U.S. Bone-in Beef” celebration at the U.S. Ambassador’s house. Now that the market is fully open, promotions will continue to reflect strategic objectives to introduce secondary cuts, such as hanging tender, short plate, heel meat and rib fingers, that require simple preparation but present a higher perceived value. Initiatives to eliminate trade-restrictive policies and requirements in the ASEAN region continue. For details, visit Celebrate Singapore.

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