Beef Checkoff Day-to-Day Reputation Management

“Older people likely need higher-protein diets”

“Protein making a comeback”

“Human nutrition benefits from beef”

Each day, hundreds of news messages reach you whether it be via Facebook, Twitter, USA Today or Beef Magazine. The headlines above are some of the positive messages you might have seen in the past few months, but what about those that are less favorable? And what is your beef checkoff doing day-to-day on your behalf to share accurate information about your industry?

Just as some folks may rely on “Jake from State Farm” to be there in the middle of the night, you can think of your beef checkoff as your “insurance policy” for short- and long-term protection against industry assaults. That means making sure the industry is prepared for the “next big thing” and, to take that a step further, developing effective plans to respond and coordinate action with other industry stakeholders.

These safeguarding systems are in place 24/7 and 365 days a year, with real-time media monitoring systems to stay on top of issues and potential issues in order to respond appropriately.

“We’re very thoughtful in the way that we look at issues on a day-in, day-out basis. A lot of times it seems like there is an issue or crisis and in the heat of the moment, we may think that issue or crisis is a lot bigger than what it is,” said Season Solorio, who directs the checkoff’s issues and reputation management program. “We look at doing things like annual vulnerabilities to understand what our stakeholders and consumers are concerned about. Those really drive the programs and issues that we react to very quickly. Using that data along with the real-time social listening software, we understand truly where the urgent need is; and how quickly, and more importantly, WHO do we need to send a reassuring message to.”

Read about how the tools are in place to safeguard you and the beef industry from misinformation, misperceptions, and constant attacks and emotional rhetoric from misinformed sources or anti-meat individuals and groups; as well as actual crises such as animal disease events. And if you need even more information to read and share, there are volumes of accurate material posted on the checkoff’s www.FactsAboutBeef website.

Just as you protect your farms and ranches with “what-if” insurance policies, your beef checkoff’s issues and reputation management team is there to safeguard the entire beef industry. It’s the only program out there specifically for beef and most producers will agree that’s a worthwhile investment for the future of your business.

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