Long Range Plan Emphasizes Scientific Research

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Suggested Lead:  Following the Cattle Industry Summer Conference, we caught up with Brett Morris, Cattlemen’s Beef Board secretary/treasurer, and producer from Oklahoma, about his reaction to the newly adopted Beef Industry Long Range Plan.

Morris 1:  “First of all, I’d like to commend those 16 people who put this long range plan together because it did take a lot of hours and a lot of input to get this thing done. I really, the one thing I think we really needed and that I’m really impressed with is how all the long range plan is going to focus on research, and scientific research, to back up some of the things that we need to talk to the consumer about. And the core strategies that they came up with are – there’s four of them here – drive growth in beef exports, protect and enhance the business and political climate for beef, grow consumer trust in beef and beef production, and promote and strengthen beef’s value proposition. That’s something that research is going to touch, and it’s going to need to touch, to inform the consumer with. And I’m really glad they took that approach when they came up with the long range plan.” (:47 seconds)

Morris says the new committee structure reflects the consumer demand drivers critical to the success of the new long range plan.

Morris 2:  “We went on our new committee structure here a couple years ago and it was based on the long range plan. And the new committee structure that we came up with – we need to have our committee structures flexible for the consumers’ needs and what we need to educate them about. We were going from an 8-committee structure down to what’s proposed now is a 5-committee. We need to make sure that the work of the committees align with the long range plan based on research and science." (:24 seconds)

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