Beef Briefs: July 2015

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... Sarah Martin Wins Checkoff's ‘Rev It Up’ Contest

... April Beef Export Value Still Climbing

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The beef industry’s long-range planning process is a discussion that involves every segment of the beef industry, from retailers to purveyors and from packers to cow-calf producers. “The long range planning process allows us to take a finite amount of money and strategically fund programs that provide the biggest return on investment," Don Schiefelbein says.

Read more and watch a video from Don’s farm here. A new long range plan will be considered during the Beef Industry Summer Conference in Denver, July 15-18.

BeefPros Twitter Party

On Thursday, July 9 from 1-2 pm EST, @BeefPros will be hosting a #GrillCrazy Twitter party! Host @lisasamples will lead the discussion about summer grilling with beef. Be sure to follow along and engage with party attendees!

New Veal Recipes

The checkoff worked with the Culinary Institute of America to create four new veal consumer recipes and three new foodservice (FS) recipes, as well as preparation videos for each item. The new recipes for foodservice are: Pulled BBQ Veal BreastVeal & Pepper Pizza, and Veal Empanadas, and the consumer recipes include Veal Thai Yellow Curry, Veal Stir-Fry with Broccoli & Cauliflower, Veal Sloppy Joe and Muenster Stuffed Veal & Mushroom Burger. These innovative recipes give consumers and chefs convenient, quick ideas for incorporating veal into their meals.

Talking U.S. Beef Barbecue in Japan

Japan is the largest market by value for U.S. beef, and a Texas cattle producer delegation witnessed a number of beef checkoff-funded activities as its members spread the message of U.S. barbecue in that country. The recent economic analysis report of the Cattlemen’s Beef Board (CBB) demand-enhancing programs by Dr. Harry Kaiser notes that every dollar invested in export promotion by CBB in Japan yielded an increase in gross beef export revenue of $29.46. The delegation also took part in a U.S. beef yakiniku seminar, as an important strategic goal for U.S. beef in Japan is to reintroduce U.S. beef variety meat and other key barbecue cuts (beef tongue, skirt meat, hanging tender, short plate) to the Yakiniku industry.

Telling Beef’s Production Story

To update consumers and address recent misconceptions in mainstream media, the checkoff has added new posts to The California drought has been covered by media nationwide, bringing water-conservation efforts into the conversation. With that in mind, Beef and Water Use: Has the Drought had an Impact? highlights the natural water-recycling process that farming and ranching practices employ and reveals how today’s beef is produced using fewer resources than ever before. Meanwhile, Antibiotic Stewardship is Not New to Cattle Ranchers outlines how the checkoff’s Beef Quality Assurance program ensures judicious use of antibiotics, and the new Meet Your Rancher post introduces cattle ranchers, including Garrett Foote, to learn firsthand how diverse today’s cattle operations are and how they play a role in raising safe beef. Share the facts today!

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