Beef Ambassador Learns About Checkoff’s Foreign Marketing Efforts

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Suggested Lead: Rachel Purdy, member of the 2015 National Beef Ambassador team, funded by the beef checkoff, and sophomore at the University of Wyoming, recently had the opportunity to visit with checkoff contractor staff about foreign marketing efforts for U.S. beef. She shares some of her take-aways in the following report:

Purdy 1:  “International markets are very dynamic – they’re always changing. And they’re constantly something we need to be on top of as beef producers. And you know when we’re producing beef, the beef that we produce is not just for the neighbor down the street. Our beef is going all over the globe, and so the safe and savory product that we’re proud to produce is feeding the world – it really is.” (:21 seconds)

Purdy says it’s important for producers and consumers alike to remember to think globally.

Purdy 2:  “We tend to get so focused on what we’re doing immediately within our community, within our ranch, within our farms, but we need to be aware of what is happening within the bigger grand scheme of things. A port issue in the west coast could really have an impact on the bottom line for producers. And, just small issues like that really do make a difference. And so I think producer education is key that exports and international trade is a good thing and is something that we need to be looking into more.” (:28 seconds)

Reporting for the beef checkoff, I’m Melissa Sandfort. For more about your beef checkoff investment, visit


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