Twitter and Telecontext

The checkoff’s Twitter handle @Beef has been on the forefront of new technologies as one of the only brands to embrace and leverage the second-screen movement fully – targeting consumers who use the Internet on their laptops or smartphones while they are watching TV. The technology that helps beef target these consumers is called “TeleContext,” a new piece of technology that only the beef checkoff uses. During this initial phase of launching TeleContext, numerous influential bloggers and celebrity chefs from the Food Network have already participated in online conversations with the @Beef handle. Plans for FY15 include expanding the list of shows that will engage the current beef community and drive new and potential consumers to beef-checkoff recipes, tips and techniques on “Beef. It’s What’s For Dinner.” Shows including the Biggest Loser, The Today Show and Hell’s Kitchen will be added to the list – growing the checkoff's TeleContext audience to more than 2.7 million potential Twitter users!

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